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Title: Re: OVA 17: ヒカリ、新たなる旅立ち!/Hikari, aratanaru tabidachi!
Hikari! I like Kasumi/Haruka/Iris a lot, but Hikari is by far my favorite heroine. I can't wait to see her back even if only for an episode.
Title: Re: Movie 13: 幻影の覇者 ゾロアーク/Gen’ei no Hasha Zoroark
I waited a couple of days after watching to review what I thought about it. It was an average movie, not too terrible, but not something incredibly memorable. I liked Kodai's assistant but after she let her hair down her hair just looked too flat and was a bit distracting. And a lot of things were shown and forgotten quickly (Boccer, Proof, the townspeople, and to an extent the old couple, and the camera man's role).

I'll probably watch it again when the dub version is released.
Title: Re: An Afternoon with Mike Pollock - Interview
Mike Pollock really is a nice guy. It really makes me appreciate the work that VA put into their work, and the people chosen as VA's.

It was also nice to see 4kids stance on dubbing >.>. Still not enough to make me hate them more than TPCi's butchering of Team Rocket

Anyway, this was really interesting and I probably never would have seen it if it weren't on here, thank you
Title: Re: SL 19: メノクラゲドククラゲ/Menokurage Dokukurage/Tentacool and Tentacruel
Sunain, Adamant, Yamoto-San, all that help, you're the greatest doing all these edits!

Side note: I love Nastina's name =P
Title: Re: DP 191: 思い出はパール!友情はダイヤモンド!!/omoide ha Pearl! yūjō ha Diamond!!

So sad. I will miss the DP cast so much, unlike before I was actually old enough to appreciate the characters this time around, and now i have to see them ago, especially Takeshi that has been around for ~13 years ;0.

I agree the BGM in this episode was fantastic. Let alone Together itself being used in the Champion battle made my week. I love this episode and am depressed by it at the same time.

I'm completely prepared for BW now though! I love Iris's design and I'm sure I'll grow to love Dento too. DP set the standards high, hopefully BW is better.