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Title: Re: PIKACHU THE MOVIE PREMIUM BOX 1998-2010 Bluray Set
It hurts because I've been waiting for something like this. I'm seriously debating getting it because I love Blu-Ray and not that huge a fan of the dub. I don't know. I mean I'm getting a full time job soon, but that's still hefty. I might just stick with Super Sentai (Sad day when Super Sentai DVDs and Blu-Rays prices don't look that bad, although Pokemon does include full length films). Here's hoping for cheaper prices somewhere down the road, either by pricing down the set or separate releases.
(Japanese version/spoiler) This was a pretty awesome episode. I love Satoshi, Kasumi, Takeshi, Togepi, and Pikachu, but it was nice to have an episode about some of the secondary characters in their own episode. I loved the story of Bulbasaur helping end a fued between Grass Pokemon. I swear, I thought Fushigidane was a goner near the end, especially with the montage before the reveal. If that was the creators' intent, then congrats to them. All in all, probably the best episode of Pocket Monsters.
The japanese version was great. Really good movie with in depth characters.