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Biri-Biri (CD+Tシャツ (ブラック))

  • Biri-Biri (CD + T-shirt (Black))

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Artists: YOASOBI
Catalog #: XSCL-80~81
Release Date: 2024-03-13
Media Type: CD
Discs/Tracks: 3 tracks on 1 disc
Price/MSRP: 6,000円
Runtime: 09:21


The CD limited editions with a T-shirt each contain three songs featuring Biri-Biri and was written with inspiration taken from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The limited edition CD version was released in two different color versions with an original T-shirt: white and black.

The CD comes with an original T-shirt and a poster booklet containing the original short story After the Rain With You (Kimi to Ameagari wo きみと雨上がりを). The original T-shirts will feature the silhouette of the Hands-On Pokémon Parmot and the YOASOBI x Pokémon collaboration logo.


Track Listing
Disc # Track # Title Length
1 1 Biri-Biri [Lyrics]
1 2 Biri-Biri (English Version) [Lyrics]
1 3 Biri-Biri (Instrumental)