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Giant's Hitmonlee


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Giant's Hitmonlee
  • Flag ジャイアントのサワムラー
  • Flag Giant no Sawamular
Voiced By:
Giant's Hitmonlee planned to enter the P-1 Grand Prix Martial Arts Tournament with his Hitmonlee but he was bound and tied by Jessie and James just before he was about to participate. Jessie and James dressed up so that Hitmonlee couldn't tell that it wasn't Giant giving it the orders.

P-1 Grand Prix Tournament

In the first round of the P-1 Grand Prix Martial Arts Tournament, Brock's Geodude was up against Giant's Hitmonlee which was under the control of Team Rocket. It took a mainly defensive approach and was no match for Giant's Hitmonlee's constant kicking. Brock decided it was best to forfeit the match by throwing in the red towel.

In the second round of the P-1 Grand Prix, Meowth placed glue on the fighting surface which allowed Giant's Hitmonlee to land a ton of consecutive hits. This lead Anthony to throw in the towel and end the match to give Giant's Hitmonlee the victory. In the final round against Ash's Primeape, Team Rocket's plan to electrify Ash's Primeape failed and Giant's Hitmonlee was defeated by Ash's Primeape's powerful Seismic Toss which knocked it out. Despite his trainer Giant not actually guiding it through the tournament, Hitmonlee proved to be trained well as it made it to the finals of the tournament.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Jump Kick Type SL 29
High Jump Kick Type SL 29