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Professor Icarus

Character Names
  • English / United States: Professor Icarus
  • Japanese / Japan: イモリ博士
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Imori-hakase
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Professor Imori
Voice Actors
Professor Icarus is a scientist who studies Unidentified Flying Objects near Area 28 in the Isshu region. Cilan stated that he had read his book once which is called: "The Truth about UFOs" (UFOの真実) which he thought was a good book. The book is a scientific approach to actually make UFOs and how dark matter might be the key to make them fly. Cilan quoted Professor Icarus famous lines from his book back to him: "Innovative theories will initially be glared at with cold eyes. However, in order to move forward, you need to continue making experiments, even if that means you'll be laughed at." Cilan was really impressed by those words from Professor Icarus book. Professor Icarus has also appeared on UFO related television shows but hasn't recently because he finds them stupid.

Many of the nearby residents of Area 28 consider Professor Icarus to be quite a strange and eccentric person. Recently many people that have been going to his laboratory have had incidents like the postman who got a headache and saw the universe in his head. The residents were all uneasy because they thought it has something to do with with his research. When the residents went to visit Professor Icarus at his lab and asked him if they could go inside, Professor Icarus got angry with them and they didn't find out anything.

After hearing the residents story, Cilan wanted to investigate. They met with Professor Icarus who invited them in for tea after Cilan proved he was a big fan. While in the lab, Professor Icarus UFO almost overloaded and exploded but Ligray's foresight informed him before that could happen and he was able to save his UFO from being destroyed. Professor Icarus became interested in UFO's as an 8 year old boy when he was outside at night looking at the sky when he saw a UFO. He studied hard and became a professor of space engineering, but he couldn't give up his dream of making disc-formed aircrafts fly, so he quit school and became absorbed in his research and continued on until he succeeded in flying a miniature disc. He then decided to build a full scale version with propeller engines because he needed dark matter to be able to affect the gravity to make it fly without the propellers. Most of the reported UFO sightings in Area 28 are actually Professor Icarus UFO.

With Cilan and his friends help, they were able to stop Rocket Gang from stealing Ligray. He told them to stop by again the next time they were in the area.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Professor Icarus's Elgyem
  • Japan イモリ博士のリグレー
  • Japan Imori-hakase no Ligray
  • Japan Professor Imori's Ligray