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Charles' Accelgor

Character Names
  • English / United States: Charles' Accelgor
  • Japanese / Japan: チャールズのアギルダー
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Charles no Agilder
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Charles' Agilder
Voice Actors
Charles' Accelgor is often seen out of its Poké Ball riding on the front of Charles (The Mighty Accelguard) motorcycle. He is Swift Hero A☆Gilder's trusty sidekick but he also has similar traits to Charles at its seems to be a bit clumsy. While attempting to stop a thief in the market, it was assisted by Linda's Timburr and the two combined were able to stop the thief. It personality seems to be a quiet and timid Pokémon and only participates when called upon.

It proved it was a strong and powerful Pokémon on its own though when it had to face Doctor Ferrara / Cryogonal Man's Vanillish in a battle and it was able to defeat it. In combination with Charles, the two of them did their finishing move 'A-Gilder kick' and were able to subdue Doctor Ferrara / Cryogonal Man.
Known Moveset
Agility Type
First Seen: BW 59
Ash and his friends noted it was really fast
Double Team Type
First Seen: BW 59
Confused the thief with multiple versions of itself
Swift Type
First Seen: BW 59
A fast attack left Mr. Freege stunned
Struggle Bug Type
First Seen: BW 59
Was followed up with a large explosion