Mewtwo (Movie 16)

Known As:
  • Flag Mewtwo (Movie 16)
  • Flag ミュウツー
  • Flag Mewtwo
Dunc, a Pokémon Hunter tried to capture Mewtwo in the mountainous region of Unova and return it to his clients. He explained that Mewtwo was created by humans by using Mew's genes as base. It was created to be the strongest Pokémon but Mewtwo was abused for experiments. However, having grown distrustful of humans, Mewtwo destroyed the research facility and fled. Dunc lied and said he was searching for Mewtwo to offer it protection. One day when Oscar was hiking in the mountains with Anna, the cliff gave way and she began to slide down. Mooland came to her rescue but just as she was about to be rescued by Oscar, the cliff also gave way on him and they all fell off the cliff. They ended up being saved by Mewtwo who quickly disappeared. Oscar's Mooland brought Mewtwo a Revival Herb after searching the forest for it. Anna didn't know that Dunc lied to them and was a bad person but Mewtwo seemed to trust her and understand the situation despite its distrust of humans.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Psychic Type SP 20 Its main attack. It was also used to save Oscar and Anna.
Aura Sphere Type SP 20 Protected itself from attacks during the battles against Dunc