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Known As:
  • Flag McGinty
  • Flag マキタ
  • Flag Makita
  • Flag Makita
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McGinty runs a local photo studio in Sekitai Town. He met up with Korrina and Ash Ketchum and his friends and asked them if they wanted a souvenir photo as a memento of their journey.

He told Korrina that the Evolutionary stones were available in caves deep within the mountains near the town but he said he didn't know specifically about the location of a Lucarionite but he did tell her that he had heard there's a cave where there is a special stone. He warned though that rumour states that if someone unqualified enters it, something terrifying will happen. Korrina believed that the stone was the Lucarionite and head off to find it.

Upon returning to the town, she met up with McGinty again and got a reprint of her picture which had burnt up in the battle to get the Lucarionite. McGinty then revealed that her grandpa Gurkinn asked him to help him with the final trial to give her the Lucarionite.