Character Information:

Wulfric's Avalugg


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Wulfric's Avalugg
  • Flag ウルップのクレベース
  • Flag Urup no Crebase
Wulfric's Avalugg was the second Pokémon that Wulfric used in the first gym battle against Ash Ketchum after Ash's Hawlucha defeated Wulfric's Abomasnow. It's Ability is Ice Body and when it's hailing, it recovers a bit of stamina.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Gyro Ball Type XYZ 27 It made it almost impossible for opponents to hit it.
Avalanche Type XYZ 27 An extremely powerful attack that has increased power if used against an opponent that has already attacked.
Ice Fang Type XYZ 27 Combo'd with Gyro Ball to KO Satoshi Gekkouga.
Stone Edge Type XYZ 27 Ash's Hawlucha avoided all of the crop outs initially.