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DJ Leo's Dugtrio

Character Names
  • English / United States: DJ Leo's Dugtrio
  • Japanese / Japan: DJレオのダグトリオ (ジェシカ, アシュリー, マイケル)
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: DJ Leo no Dugtrio (Jessica, Ashley, Michael)
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: DJ Leo's Dugtrio (Jessica, Ashley, Michael)
Voice Actors
Dugtrio with DJ Leo or "Dugleo" for short is a group that does music concerts. They performed in the Alola region when Ash Ketchum was there. Dugtrio is an Alolan Form Dugtrio and their shining gold whiskers provide them with protection and a unique look. Many spectators of their concerts wear wigs that match those whiskers. The one with long hair whiskers is Jessica, the one with the bob cut is Ashley and the one with the perm is Michael. It's Ability is Tangling Hair.

One day DJ Leo got lost in the woods and he heard voices in the distance. He followed the voices and saw Dugtrio and he thought it was as if the very blessings of the land were singing. They became friends and started doing music together and then Dugleo was born as a result.
Known Moveset
Tri Attack Type
First Seen: SM 23
Effective against James's Mareanie.
Iron Head Type
First Seen: SM 23
Hit Jessie's Mimikyu into the rest of Team Rocket.