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Gang Leader Persian

Character Names
  • English / United States: Gang Leader Persian
This Persian is the leader of a gang of Meowth which roam the streets of Hollywood. Persian will look after stray Meowth that his gang find on the streets and took in a Meowth that would in eventually go on to join Jessie and James in Team Rocket.

After Meowth left Hollywood the Persian accepted Meowzie into the street gang after it was abandoned after her owner lost her fortune.

When Team Rocket's Meowth returned to Hollywood Persian tried to persuade Meowth to rejoin the street gang and tried to use Meowzie, who Meowth had a fondness for, as bait. Meowth refused the request and instead tried to take Meowzie away from Hollywood declaring that she was too good for this place. Upon hearing this Persian attempting to stop Meowth and challenged him to a duel.

Persian lost the duel, but instead of leaving the gang Meowzie conforted Persian in gratitude for taking her in during her time of need.