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ポケットモンスターXY&Z 第16巻

  • Pocket Monsters XY&Z Volume 16
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Audio Tracks:   Japanese
Publisher:  Shogakukan
Catalog #:  SSBR-8222R
Release Date:  2017-04-26
Aspect Ratio:  16:9
Region Code:  
Video Format:  NTSC
Storage Medium:  DVD5
Closed Captions?:  No
Rental Only?:  Yes




Episode List
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  •   One Last Battle with Satoshi! Serena's Choice!!
  •   サトシとラストバトル!セレナの選択!!
  •   The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!
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  •   Farewell, Satoshi Gekkouga! Xerosicy Strikes Back
  •   さらばサトシゲッコウガ!クセロシキの逆襲
  •   Facing the Needs of the Many!
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  •   A Zero With No End! Till the Day we Meet Again!!
  •   終わりなきゼロ!また逢う日まで!!
  •   Till We Compete Again!
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  •   The Legend of XYZ!
  •   XYZの伝説!
  •   The Legend of X, Y, and Z!
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  •   The Ultimate Duo! Citron and Dent!!
  •   最強の二人!シトロンとデント!!