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  • Japan ボルケニオンにちなんだスペシャル料理を作るポケモンクッキング / 湯山監督が映画の秘密を紹介!
  • Japan Volcanion ni chinanda special ryōri wo tsukuru Pokémon cooking / Yuyama-kantoku ga eiga no himitsu wo shōkai!
  • Japan Pokémon Cooking, Creating Special Dishes Based on Volcanion / Director Yuyama Presents Movie Secrets!


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  • United States Shoko Nakagawa
  • Japan 中川翔子
  • Japan Shōko Nakagawa
  • Japan Shoko Nakagawa
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  • Japan あばれる君
  • Japan Abareru-kun
  • Japan Abareru-kun
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  • United States Rinka Otani
  • Japan 大谷凜香
  • Japan Rinka Otani
  • Japan Rinka Otani
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  • United States Hyadain (Kenichi Maeyamada)
  • Japan ヒャダイン (前山田健一)
  • Japan Hyadain (Kenichi Maeyamada)
  • Japan Hyadain (Kenichi Maeyamada)
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Trouble follows trouble when the residents attempt Pokémon Cooking for the first time in ages! Will they be able to successfully cook something? Also, the Pokémon movie director tells us (secret) information about the currently screening movies!

A handsome chef visits Pokénchi!
As such, the residents try out Pokémon Cooking together with the chef. What they make are special dishes based on Volcanion, who plays a major role in this year's movie. Everyone splits up and have fun cooking... or so you'd think, but there's somethin suspicious about the way they do it?
Also, as a special treat, the Pokémon movie director comes by to talk about the secrets of the currently screening blockbuster!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Guests: Satoshi Mukai (from Panther), Shinjiro Terada and Kunihiko Yuyama (director of the "Pokémon the Movie" series)