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  • Flag Hyadain (Kenichi Maeyamada)
  • Flag ヒャダイン (前山田健一)
  • Flag Hyadain (Kenichi Maeyamada)
  • Flag Hyadain (Kenichi Maeyamada)
Hyadain is a host of Gathering in the Pokémon House?. He is a Japanese composer, lyricist and musician who mainly works on composing anime themes. He is a well-informed person that teaches viewers a lot of things about Pokémon! He makes smart decisions both when it comes to games and everyday life.

Pokémon DP Sound Library - Hyadain - Gyarados!

On February 10th, 2022, the official Pokémon DP Sound Library Website added a remix track created by him called Gyarados!.

Comments on Pokémon DP Sound Library Gyarados! Track
I mean, come on, you get full free access to the entire collection of original sound data from Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version, and be able to mix and match them to your heart's content? Count me in!

When I thought about Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version, a quick trip down memory lane took me back to the scene with the special report, "Search for the Red Gyarados!" featured on the TV early in the game. And just like that, my passion for Gyarados really exploded.

This Pokémon bears the handy "Intimidate" Ability, and even "Moxie" which I think is quite slick. Its Attack stat is certainly up there, but its Special Attack value isn’t too bad either. The Mega Evolved form is jaw-dropping to gaze at.

Sure, Gyarados is vulnerable to Electric-type moves, but that is nothing compared to the countless times this Pokémon saved me in close battles. All this nudged me towards crying out its name the way I did in my music.

I sprinkled in all sorts of sampled in-game sounds into the mix for your ears to spot, but it was far from exhausting the vast variety of assets provided in "Pokémon DP Sound Library". With all this material to work off of, I'm excited to see what kind of arrangement other artists will compose. To all Pokémon Trainer musicians out there! GYARADOS!!
Series Title
POKENCHI 1 あばれる君がマルマインのだいばくはつを再現!?/「ポケだちあつまる?」舞台は東京都板橋/バトル「ヒャダイン VS あばれる君」!Abareru-kun Replicates Marumine's Explosion!? / 'Pokénds Gather?' in Itabashi, Tokyo / Battle: Hyadain VS Abareru-kun!
POKENCHI 2 手の中で固まる不思議な砂を使ってポケモンアートに挑戦!/「ポケだちあつまる?」板橋後編/バトル「中川翔子 VS ヒャダイン」!Attempting to Create Pokémon Art Using Mysterious Sand That Hardens in your Hands! / 'Pokénds Gather?' in Itabashi, Part 2 / Battle: Shoko Nakagawa VS Hyadain!
POKENCHI 3 みんなでポケモンのトリック写真に挑戦! / 「ポケだちあつまる?」神奈川県横須賀市前編 / バトル「あばれる君 VS 視聴者」!The Group Try Pokémon Trick Photography! / 'Pokénds Gather?' in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Part 1 / Battle: Abareru-kun VS a Television Viewer!
POKENCHI 4 ポケモンソムリエ・佐香さんがおすすめのアニメを紹介 /「ポケだち~」は神奈川県横須賀市後編 / バトル「あばれる君 VS 佐香智久」!Pokémon Sommelier Sako Presents Anime Recommendation / 'Pokénds...' in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Part 2 / Battle: Abareru-kun VS Tomohisa Sako!
POKENCHI 5 ポケモンパンケーキ作りで感動と爆笑!? / あばれる君のポケものまねは黄色いポケモン / バトル「岩井勇気 VS ヒャダイン」!Excitement and Laughter While Making Pokémon Pancakes!? / Abareru-kun's Pokémonitations are of Yellow Pokémon / Battle: Yuki Iwai VS Hyadain!
POKENCHI 6 ポケんちにおはスタポケモン部のメンバーがやって来た! / あばれる君のポケモノマネは青いポケモン / バトル「ヒャダイン VS 視聴者」!Members of the Oha Suta Pokémon Club Come to Pokenchi! / Abareru-kun's Pokémonitations are of Blue Pokémon / Battle: Hyadain VS a Television Viewer!
POKENCHI 7 増田さんとヒャダインが音楽で夢のコラボ/ あばれる君のポケものまねは緑のポケモン / バトル「藤田ニコルVS大谷凜香」!Masuda and Hyadain's Dream Music Collab / Abareru-kun's Pokémonitations are of Green Pokémon / Battle: Nicole Fujita VS Rinka Otani!
POKENCHI 8 ポケんちにロバートの山本さんと渡辺裕太さんがやって来た / あばれる君がガリョウテンセイを再現! / バトル「山本博VSヒャダイン」!Yamamoto from Robert and Yuta Watanabe Visit Pokénchi! / Abareru-kun Replicates Dragon Ascent! / Battle: Hiroshi Yamamoto VS Hyadain!
POKENCHI 9 「ポケモンEXPOジム」をヒャダインとりんかちゃんが紹介! / イーブイ&その進化形に注目 / バトル「あばれる君 VS IMALU」!Hyadain and Rinka-chan Present the 'Pokémon EXPO Gym'! / Focus on Eievui and its Evolved Forms / Battle: Abareru-kun VS IMALU!
POKENCHI 10 あばれる君がゲッコウガに変身!? / 「ポケだち~」は埼玉県さいたま市(大宮) / バトル「しょこたん VS 視聴者」!Abareru-kun Transforms into a Gekkouga!? / 'Pokénds...' in Saitama, Saitama (Omiya) / Battle: Shokotan VS a Television Viewer!
POKENCHI 11 ロバートがポケんちをのっとり!? ポケんちを守るためゲームや玩具等でバトル! / バトル「大谷凜香 VS 秋山竜次」!Robert are Taking Over Pokénchi!? Battling with Video Games, Toys etc. to Protect Pokénchi! / Battle: Rinka Otani VS Ryuji Akiyama!
POKENCHI 12 りんかちゃんの16歳の誕生日をみんなでお祝い、16匹のピカチュウ登場、ポケモン漫才等 / バトル「ヒャダイン VS 視聴者」!Everyone Celebrates Rinka-chan's 16th Birthday, with 16 Pikachu, Pokémon Manzai Comedy, etc. / Battle: Hyadain VS a Television Viewer!
POKENCHI 13 あばれる君史上最高傑作?のポケモノマネ・あばプニちゃん!? / バトル「中川翔子&あばれる君 VS 千葉雄大&ヒャダイン」!Abareru-kun's Ultimate Pokémonitation, Abapuni-chan!? / Battle: Shoko Nakagawa & Abareru-kun VS Yudai Chiba & Hyadain!
POKENCHI 14 ポケんちでポッ拳トーナメントバトルを開催、ヒャダイン・あばれる君・佐藤かよ・謎のマスクマン「マスクド・トゥース」が参戦!A Tournament Battle in Pokkén is Held at Pokénchi, with Hyadain, Abareru-kun, Kayo Satoh and the Mysterious Masked Man 'Masked Tous' Competing Against Each Other!
POKENCHI 15 あばれる君がメガチルタリスに変身!? / 松本梨香さんがアニメの新オープニング曲を披露! / バトル「ヒャダイン VS 佐香智久」!Abareru-kun Transforms Into a Mega Tyltalis!? / Rica Matsumoto Performs the New Opening Song for the Anime! / Battle: Hyadain VS Tomohisa Sako!
POKENCHI 16 メガリザードンX・メガリザードンYについて大特集、あばれる君が「かえんほうしゃ」を再現!? / バトル「岩井勇気 VS 大谷凜香」!A Special Focusing on Mega Lizardon X and Mega Lizardon Y, Where Abareru-kun Replicates 'Flamethrower'!? / Battle: Yuki Iwai VS Rinka Otani!
POKENCHI 17 アサナンに変身したあばれる君とみんなでポケモンヨガに挑戦 / りんかちゃんがリベンジマッチ / バトル「藤田ニコル VS 大谷凜香」!Abareru-kun Transforms into an Asanan and, Together with the Others, Attempts Pokémon Yoga / Rinka-chan Gets a Return Match / Battle: Nicole Fujita VS Rinka Otani!
POKENCHI 18 あばれる君がアブソル、斎藤さんがバシャーモに変身! /「XY&Z」斎藤さんバージョン披露 / バトル「ヒャダイン VS 須藤敬志」!Abareru-kun Turns Into Absol and Saito Turns Into Burshamo! / A Performance of 'XY&Z, Saito ver.' / Battle: Hyadain VS Takashi Sudo!
POKENCHI 19 ゲスト登場でヒャダインのテンションがMAXに / アニメオープニング「XY&Z」を使ったゲームで遊ぶ / バトル「あばれる君 VS 視聴者」!Hyadain Gets Max Excited When Today's Guests Appear / Playing a Game That Involves Singing the Anime Opening "XY&Z" / Battle: Abareru-kun VS a Television Viewer!
POKENCHI 20 にこるんが大好きなフライゴンの魅力を紹介 / あばれる君がにこるんとポケものまねに挑戦! / バトル「中川翔子 VS 向井慧」!Nicolun Presents What Makes her Beloved Flygon so Appealing! / Abareru-kun Challenges Nicolun to Pokémonitations! / Battle: Shoko Nakagawa VS Satoshi Mukai!
POKENCHI 21 初めてプレイしたポケモンのゲームやパートナーについて語る / あばれる君がハリマロンに変身! / バトル「あばれる君 VS 視聴者」!A Discussion About What the First Pokémon Game Everybody Played Was and What Their First Partner Was / Abareru-kun Transforms into a Harimaron! / Battle: Abareru-kun VS a Television Viewer!
POKENCHI 22 ハゲっと団 結成で「ポケんち」が「ハゲんち」に!? / あばれる君が声優養成所で特訓! / バトル「山本博 VS 須藤敬志」!The Baldket Gang Gets Formed to Turn "Pokénchi" into "Baldenchi"!? / Abareru-kun Gets Training at a Voice Acting School! / Battle: Hiroshi Yamamoto VS Takashi Sudo!
POKENCHI 23 マジシャンの山上兄弟がポケモンイリュージョンを披露! / あばれる君が紙コップで特訓!? / バトル「中川翔子 VS 視聴者」!The Yamagami Brothers Magicians Perform Pokémon Illusions! / Abareru-kun Trains with Paper Cups!? / Battle: Shoko Nakagawa VS a Television Viewer!
POKENCHI 24 カイリキースペシャル、あばれる君ととにかく明るい安村が奇跡のコラボ! / あばれる君とヒャダインがポッ拳でバトル!A Kairiky Special Featuring the Miracle Teamup of Abareru-kun and Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura! / Abareru-kun and Hyadain have a Battle in Pokkén!
POKENCHI 25 ヒャダイン・ロバート山本・トレンディエンジェルたかし・佐香智久の4人で「ポケモンバトル芸能界男子最強決定戦」を開催!The "Pokémon Battle to Determine the Strongest Man in Showbiz" is Held Between Hyadain, Yamamoto from Robert, Takashi from Trendy Angel and Tomohisa Sako!
POKENCHI 26 人気者たちが続々登場してポケモングッズを紹介 / ポケモン新作ソフトの特別映像を開発者が語る! / バトル「大谷凜香 VS 視聴者」!Celebrities Show Up One After Another to Showcase Pokémon Merchandise / The Developers Talk About the Special Footage of the New Pokémon Games! / Battle: Rinka Otani VS a Television Viewer!
POKENCHI 27 あばれる君が松本梨香さんから映画の名場面を使ったアフレコ特訓を受けることに / Da-iCE登場、ポケモンバトルも!Abareru-kun Receives Special Dubbing Training From Rica Matsumoto That Utilizes Famous Movie Scenes / Da-iCE Visit and Have a Pokémon Battle!
POKENCHI 28 春香クリスティーンさんがポケモンのあることを応援! / 映画最新映像公開であばれる君が暗い顔に / ポケんち初のダブルバトル!Haruka Christine Comes to Support a Certain Pokémon-Related Thing! / Abareru-kun Gets Depressed Over the Premiere of the New Movie Trailer / The First Double Battle in Pokénchi History!
POKENCHI 29 ヒャダインから送られてくる写真をヒントに京都のポケモンポイントを回る大冒険/映画出演を目指すあばれる君が湯山監督に直談判!An Adventure Visiting Pokémon Spots in Kyoto Using Photos Received from Hyadain as Hints / Wanting to be in the Movie, Abareru-kun Goes Directly to Director Yuyama!
POKENCHI 30 ポケモン総選挙720を盛り上げるためヒャダインとりんかちゃんは大阪、あばれる君は浅草へ、しょこたんはあるものを制作!In Order to Drum Up Excitement for the Pokémon Elections 720, Hyadain and Rinka-chan Head to Osaka and Abareru-kun Heads to Asakusa, While Shokotan Produces a Certain Something!