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  • Japan サンシャイン池崎等、ポケんちにやってきたポケだちから年賀状が届いて思い出話で大盛り上がり!
  • Japan Sunshine Ikezaki nado, Pokénchi ni yattekita Pokédachi kara nengajō ga todoite omoidebanashi de ōmoriagari!
  • Japan Excited Reminiscing Caused by New Years' Cards From Sunshine Ikezaki and other Pokénds That Have Visited Pokénchi!


Episode Actors Regions


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  • United States Shoko Nakagawa
  • Japan 中川翔子
  • Japan Shōko Nakagawa
  • Japan Shoko Nakagawa
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  • United States Toshiaki Kasuga
  • Japan 春日俊彰
  • Japan Toshiaki Kasuga
  • Japan Toshiaki Kasuga
Character Thumbnail
  • Japan あばれる君
  • Japan Abareru-kun
  • Japan Abareru-kun
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  • United States Rinka Otani
  • Japan 大谷凜香
  • Japan Rinka Otani
  • Japan Rinka Otani
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  • United States Hyadain (Kenichi Maeyamada)
  • Japan ヒャダイン (前山田健一)
  • Japan Hyadain (Kenichi Maeyamada)
  • Japan Hyadain (Kenichi Maeyamada)
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  • United States Sunshine Ikezaki
  • Japan サンシャイン池崎
  • Japan Sunshine Ikezaki
  • Japan Sunshine Ikezaki
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It's a mass assembly of extravagant Pokénds, from familiar hosts like Sunshine Ikezaki and Kasuga from Audrey to suddenly rising comedy stars and popular artists! Let's continue visiting Pokénchi in 2019!!

New Year's cards have arrived from lots of the Pokénds that visited Pokénchi in 2018! There's cards from familiar Pokénds like Sunshine Ikezaki, Kasuga from Audrey and Professor Ichiohka, a certain comedian whose victory brought him lots of attention, mad popular artists, a certain Pokémon fan actor, and more... the reminiscing gets really excited! Abareru-kun also looks back at the fun Pokénds he met during his Pokémon Trade Journey! Please enjoy "Pokémon no Uchi Atsumaru?" in 2019 as well!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani