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Titles: Newsポケモンサテライト/News Pokémon Satellite
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A news program filled with Pokémon! An extravagant commentary panel provides thorough commentary on the new Pokémon Anime chapter! There'll also be a dead serious Pokémon battle and a competition in Pokémon love! Make your Pokémon debut this spring!

Liko and Roy's adventure in the Pocket Monsters anime is now entering its second year, and this is a news program filled with Pokémon aimed at those of you who will be making your Pokémon Debuts this spring, in line with the subtitle of the new chapter of the Pokémon anime; "Terastal Debut"!
A business journalist and a lawyer provides thorough commentary on the new Pokémon Anime chapter where IVE handles the new OP theme and 9Lana the new ED theme!
There will also be a dead serious Pokémon battle between Matsuo from Chocolate Planet and Himan Otsuru from Mamatarte, as well as a Pokémon anime quiz with Futoshi Seki from Time Machine Sangou where an extravagant trip to Hawaii is on the line!
The "Why did you come to the Pokémon Center?" segment will feature a close look at foreigners that visit a Pokémon Center! And don't miss the "Pokémon Appraisers" event, where people compete in Pokémon love! A certain person's Pokémon card will also...?!

Shohei Osada from Chocolate Planet
Rina Yamamoto
Guests: Shun Matsuo from Chocolate Planet, Pikachu, Hiroko Ogiwara, Haruo Kitamura, Himan Otsuru from Mamatarte and Futoshi Seki from Time Machine Sangou
Segment hosts: Shinobu Hasegawa from Sissonne, Nicole Fujita, Louis Kurihara and the Tosa Brothers