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16 Apr 1998 03:00 AM
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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: Eievui 4 Kyōdai/The Battling Eevee Brothers/イーブイ4きょうだい. Please comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot
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Satoshi and his party are walking along a road going through a forest when they come across the Evolution Pokémon Eievui, which has been tied to a tree trunk and left behind together with trays containing food and water. While at first glance it seems it's been abandoned like an unwanted dog, the Eievui has a tag around its neck engraved with the name and address of its Trainer, reading "Taichi, No. 14, district 3, Stone Town". The group checks their map and see that Stone Town is the city just ahead of them.

Thus, Satoshi and the others decide to bring the Eievui to this address. When they arrive at no. 14, district 3 of Stone Town, they find that it is a massive house that puts even a Beverly Hills mansion to shame. They can also hear cheering and applause coming from within. Can the Eievui's Trainer be found here at this mansion?

Voice Cast:
Rica Matsumoto: Satoshi
Ikue Ohtani: Pikachu
Mayumi Iizuka: Kasumi
Yuji Ueda: Takeshi
Megumi Hayashibara: Musashi
Shinichiro Miki: Kojiro
Inuko Inuyama: Nyarth
Yumi Toma: Taichi
Kosuke Okano: Atsushi
Kentaro Ito: Mizuki
Katsuyuki Konishi: Raizo
Rikako Aikawa: Zenigame
Koichi Sakaguchi: Arbok
Machiko Toyoshima: Tattu
Unsho Ishizuka: Narration
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