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18 Dec 2009 07:53 AM
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In stores now japan the Japanese DVD
20 Dec 2009 03:40 AM
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It was great, fantasic, awesome Movie :) :D
09 Aug 2010 10:44 PM
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This movie wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but it was definitely unique. I think what annoyed me the most was the voice of Arceus. In the trailers it sounded cool because Arceus was mad, but outside of Arceus being angry the voice sounded like that of an old woman and didn't fit.
Otherwise, I thought that the Egyptian-sounding music was pretty good and that the "legend" of what happened in the past was really interesting. I was really taken away by the battle between Dialga and Palkia in the 10th movie, but in this movie I don't think the battle scenes were great. It was unfair, even though it was three against one.
The visuals when traveling through time were amazing, as well as those of the dimension of Arceus. The 10th movie actually drove me to tears, but this one didn't, though. I think this movie was only a bit better than the 11th one. The identity of the person behind the real betrayal was a shock, I will admit, because everywhere I looked before the movie said it was someone else.
11 Nov 2010 08:18 AM
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WAO! The movie is so cool and exciting! Marvelous!
20 Nov 2010 04:15 AM
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I had watched the movie and I like it so much!! Like it's gonna' be my favourite PokeMovie!!
20 Nov 2010 11:04 PM
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It's not that much great of a movie. I mean the beginning we see Ash easily calm Giratina when Giratina saw him. then in the end arceus calmed down when he saw Ash.

When i saw the trailer i said cool when i saw the movie i said it was okay movie.

This movie was kinda like a normal everyday movie but in pokemon style i guess well it's just my opinion.

What i don't like is that at first 2 generation, Mew was the ancestor of all pokemon. Then when 4th gen is out they now say it's Arceus that is all ancestor of all pokemon. anyone please explain me about this? =S
21 Apr 2011 09:50 PM
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I think my most annoying is the sound of Arceus. In the trailer, it sounds cool because Arceus crazy, but outside of Arceus to be the voice sounded like angry old woman, did not fit.
04 Aug 2011 04:03 PM
ivantuga2 Administrator
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The Portugal dub of the movie aired on 2011-06-23, with the title "Arceus e a Jóia da Vida".