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As tenacious as ever, Ash rushes through the edge of the forest clashing with the city limits of Striaton City. Ash shouts that he'll finally have his first badge and continues running towards Striaton City. Continuing his journey through the Unova region, Ash has finally reached Straiton City where the first gym is located. Ash ponders to himself about what the first Gym Leader will be like and what kind of Pokémon he will get to battle. Ash shouts that he will challenge it right away however is interrupted by Iris whom sarcastically questions if he even knows where the Gym is located. Iris suggests that all Ash does is get excited without preparing for anything. Axew exposes his head from Iris's hair and begins devouring a ripe apple.

Cilan interrupts the two and begins examining Iris's Axew. Cilan states that Axew has skin as fresh as young grass, fangs that make one think of buds, engender invigoration and an unlimited future. Cilan states that Axew is a very suitable partner for someone with a natural air like Iris. Iris is thrilled at his examination and thanks him for the advice. After a few moments, Cilan manages to notice the ever so adorable Pikachu perched on Ash's shoulder. Cilan excitedly grabs Pikachu saying that he has never seen a real one before. Pikachu shyly greets him with "Pika Pika". Cilan states that Ash has quite a rare Pokémon in Unova. Ash introduces himself as a trainer from Kanto and Pikachu is his precious partner. Cilan introduces himself as a Pokémon Sommelier. Ash questions what a Pokémon Sommelier role is. Iris interrupts his question, suggesting he is a child for not knowing the tasks of a Pokémon Sommelier. Cilan states that it is understandable for a non-resident of Unova to be unaware of the role of a Pokémon Sommelier. Cilan states that based on their abundance of knowledge and experience, they determine the compatibility between trainer and their Pokémon and give them advice on how to become better friends. Ash suggests that he should check the compatibility between himself and Pikachu because it is perfect. Iris interrupts stating that this is not the time to do such things, reminding Ash of his original objective. Iris manages to refresh Ash's memory, which questions Cilan if he knows where the Gym of Striaton City is located because he wants to challenge it. Cilan states that he will lead the way.

Our heroes manage to successfully reach Straiton City's gym. Cilan announces that they have arrived. Ash rushes towards the entrance, slamming the doors open, shouting that he has a request. After a few moments, Ash stares in a confused state, realizing that the interior resembles a restaurant and not a typical Pokémon Gym. Chili and Cress dash over and welcomes the group to the restaurant. Cilan suggests that Ash should go into the restaurant, pushing him forward towards an empty table. Chili suggests that he should now take Ash's order. Cress questions if he shall bring Ash something to drink first before ordering. Cress states that if he wants something cold, he would recommend Psycho Soda. Ash states that he doesn't need Psycho Soda. Chili responds suggesting that he should have lunch for a moderate price. Ash states that he isn't hungry. The two waiters continuing making suggestions such as that their Delicious Water is the best or that he might like Mix Au Lait.

A group of young women seated at a nearby table question Ash's actions stating that he isn't "cool" at all. After a few moments, Ash explodes shouting that he only wants to have a Gym match at the Straiton Gym. The group of young women overhear Ash's request for a Gym Challenge and gleefully shout out, "Gym match?!". Ash states that he has no business in a restaurant and begins walking towards the door. Cilan demands for Ash to wait a moment.

After a few moments, the lights dim and the three waiters begin walking towards the opposite side of the room. A bright spotlight envelopes Cilan as he states that Ash's wish shall be granted. Chili states that they will greet him passionately in battle like scorching fire. Cress suggests that they should attend to him coolly, like cold water. The young girls begin fantasizing about the opportunity to watch another beautiful gym battle. Ash stares in a confused state, questioning what is actually going on. Cilan states that in actuality, the restaurant is the Straiton Gym. Cilan, Chili, and Cress announce that they are the Gym Leaders of Straiton. Iris questions if there really are three Gym Leaders for Straiton. The leaders shout, "It's ShowTime", and an adjacent wall begins opening revealing the gym battlefield. Iris and the group of young women head upstairs to a viewing platform. Cilan demands for Ash to choose his battle opponent. Ash confusedly asks about being able to choose. Cilan states that Ash is able to choose himself, Chili, or Cress as an opponent; and if he wins, he will obtain the Victory Badge of Straiton.

Chili eagerly states he will show him who his partner is, flicking his arm and launching a Monster Ball. The Monster Ball explodes in a shimmering light revealing his Pansear. Corn follows up, revealing Panpour as his battle partner. Finally, Cilan launches a Monster Ball into the air unleashing his Pansage. Ash queries his Zukan on the three Pokémon’s data. Pansear, the High Temperature Pokémon. It resides in caves near volcanoes. When it is angry, the temperature of the tuft on its head increases to over 300 degrees Celsius (572° F). Pansage, the Grass Monkey Pokémon. It shares the leaves on its head with exhausted Pokémon. They have the effect of relieving from fatigue. Panpour, the Water Throw Pokémon. It used to live in forests in ancient times, but its body changed so it could live on the waterside more easily. It can store water in the tuft on its head. Ash suggests that any of the three Pokémon would be a good match. Cilan questions Ash whom he will choose. Ash steps forward, shouting that he will fight all of them. The three leaders stare in a confused state, having never been presented with a challenger requesting all three at once. Ash states that it is his first Gym match since he has came to the Unova Region and it is why he wants to battle many different Pokémon. Cilan states this is the first time they've been presented with the situation. Cress suggests that if will obtain the badge if he wins two out of three matches.

Chili takes the field, stating that Ash will first battle him and his Pansear. The battlefield is comprised of a rocky terrain with various boulders scattered around the area. Cilan states that each will use one Pokémon and as soon as one Pokémon is unable to battle, the match is over. Chili demands for Ash to strike, because with his fire battle, he will easily scorch and cook him. Ash strikes forward releasing Tepig onto the battlefield. Iris questions Ash's choice of Tepig, stating that a Water-type like Oshawott would be more advantageous. Ash states that he had decided beforehand to use Tepig in the first battle beforehand. Chili is baffled at Ash's choice of a Fire-type, to use against an experienced Fire-type leader.

Tepig rushes headfirst into battle slamming into Pansear with a devasting Tackle. Pansear recovers from the attack, flipping backwards and landing a few feet in front of Chili. Pansear retaliates with FIre Punch slamming into Tepig's body and knocking it against the ground towards Ash. Tepig struggles to recover from the attack while Chili works to take advantage of the opening. Pansear launches a magnificent Flamethrower, which begins enveloping the battlefield, advancing towards Tepig. Tepig responds with Ember, however Flamethrower easily overpowers the weaker attack and slams into Tepig. Pansear flips backward and burrows into the ground in preparation for a Dig attack. Tepig manages to recover from the attack, however shortly after; Pansear takes advantage of the situation and smashes through the gym floor knocking Tepig into the air. Pansear burrows into the ground once more in preparation for Dig. Ash commands for Tepig to begin running around in an attempt to avoid the Dig attack. Pansear smashes through the ground shortly after, however Tepig manages to barely dodge the attack. Pansear burrows back into the ground as Tepig dashes off towards the other side of the field. Tepig begins jumping back in forth in an attempt to thwart Pansear's attempts, however Pansear manages to reveal himself a few feet ahead of Tepig's location and smashes Tepig into the air.

As Pansear begins burrowing into the ground, Tepig dives into the ground and snatches Pansear's tail. The two clash as Pansear forcibly shakes in an attempt to throw Tepig off. Pansear uses the situation to his advantage, flipping forward thrusting Tepig into the hard terrain. Tepig manages to keep grasp of Pansear's tail and uses the same technique, swinging Pansear in a horizontal fashion and finally slams Pansear into the ground. As Pansear attempts to recover, Tepig launches an Ember attack, which forces Pansear to shield his eyes. Tepig takes advantage of Pansear's temporary blindness and thrusts forward tackling Pansear into the stadium wall. Cilan announces that Pansear is unable to battle, delivering the victory to Tepig and Ash. Chili recalls Pansear into his Monster Ball and thanks him for his hard work. Chili compliments Ash on his Tepig. Ash thanks him and say that it's tenacious. Ash recalls into his Monster Ball in preparation for the next battle. Cress introduces himself as Ash's next opponent.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket have also reached Straiton City and stroll through the city streets. Jessie recalls Giovanni's order to contact headquarters as soon as they reach Straiton City. Meowth states they should go to the prescribed place at the prescribed time to correspond with headquarters. Team Rocket soon escape into an alley and make preparations to begin communications with headquarters. James states that they have arrived on time.

Ash states to Pikachu that he is sure that Panpour is tough but he believes in him. Pikachu hops forward and takes position in the battlefield. Ash states that they will obtain the Victory Badge through two consecutive victories. Iris ponders about the battle, suggesting that at least Ash has thought a little in his second match by choosing a type-advantageous Pokémon.

In a matter of seconds, Pikachu absorbs energy into his body and begins exploding forward towards Panpour in a Quick Attack. Panpour responds with Double Team creating multiple false copies of him, which forces Pikachu to attack an illusion. Panpour takes advantage of the situation and retaliates with Scratch for a direct hit. Pikachu slams into the ground however manages to recover from the low-level attack. Cress states that while Pikachu holds a type-advantage, he has no chance against Panpour. Panpour follows up his attack with Water Gun blasting a strong stream towards Pikachu. Pikachu dodges the attack hopping in a backwards motion, propelling himself off a nearby boulder in preparation for Thunderbolt. Panpour redirects his attack, and begins aiming at Pikachu's feet, which forces Pikachu to loose his balance and prevent the launching of the thunderbolt attack. Cress suggests that he expected the attacking pattern and was able to adjust accordingly.

Panpour launches another devasting Water Gun attack with strikes Pikachu for a direct hit. Panpour continues to direct a barrage of attacks in an attempt to prevent Pikachu from launching any attacks. Iris sighs, stating that they are being toyed with. Pikachu struggles to recover from the attack as Ash shouts for Pikachu to continue battle. Cress questions if the battle is already over, due to Pikachu's fatigued state. Ash states they can still fight. Pikachu manages to finally recover and returns to a battle-ready stance. Pikachu, in a last attempt, blazes forward enveloping himself in electrical energy in preparation for Volt Tackle. Cilan analyzes the situation stating that his countermeasures against Electric moves are perfect. In response to the oncoming Pikachu, Panpour slams his fists against the ground launching a Mud Sport attack, which causes the nearby terrain to form into mud causing Pikachu to lose traction at such high velocity. Panpour follows up with Water Gun blasting Pikachu back towards Ash. Cilan announces Pikachu as unable to battle and awards the victory to Cress and Panpour. Iris states that whether Ash will obtain the Victory Badge will be decided in the next match.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has initiated a successful communication with headquarters. James questions Giovanni about his mention of "The Dream Site". Giovanni states that the Dream Site is the remains of a grand-scale research facility that once existed in Straiton City and apparently future energy is being produced there. which has the power to turn dreams into reality. Meowth states that turning dreams to reality is an amazing story. Giovanni questions the trio, asking them what is Team Rocket's goal. James responds that it is to form the strongest Pokémon army and govern the world with their hands. Jessie responds that Team Rocket's supreme goal will be achieved in no time if they obtain the future energy. Giovanni directs them to investigate the Dream Site and find clues on the energy. Giovanni terminates the transmission and delivers a design for a mecha that will be required for their next mission. James states that it is an important mission that will determine the Rocket Gang's future. Jessie suggests that the fate of their organization lies in their hands. Meowth states they will make the dream of conquering the world come true. The download completes and the three race off down a sewer passageway.

Cilan states that Pikachu and Ash have a strong bond and they have shown him their wonderful friendship. Cilan states that is moving, however it will not cause him to hand over the badge that easily. Ash states he wouldn't want it any other way and will fight with all his strength and definitely get the badge. Ash launches a Monster Ball into the arena releasing Oshawott. Iris questions why Ash didn't choose Pidove as his third Pokémon, due to bolstering a type-advantage over Grass types. Cress states that the reason why Ash chose a disadvantaged Pokémon is a mystery to him. Oshawott soon realizes that he is at an advantage and rushes back to Ash in an attempt to avoid battling. Ash and Pikachu push Oshawott into the arena. Ash states that he requires Oshawott's help and no one other than him can do it. Ash reminds Oshawott of his prior experience when he saved both Pikachu and Axew from Team Rocket.

Cilan commands for Ash to make the first move, and to attack from wherever he would like. Oshawott dashes forward in a Tackle attack however Pansage simply steps aside dodging the attack with little effort. Pansage launches a Bullet Seed attack, which launches an array of seeds with collide with Oshawott as he attempts to run away. Cilan suggests that Ash and Oshawott's affinity haven't developed yet and that he will prove it. Pansage jumps towards Oshawott, biting his head forcing Oshawott to scurry around in pain. Pansage soon jumps off Oshawott as he manages to walk into a wall. Oshawott launches a barrage of Water Gun attacks, however Pansage manages to dodge the attacks with minor effort, hopping between a set of small rocks. Ash commands for Oshawott to aim carefully. Oshawott continues launching Water Gun attacks however Pansage continues to dodge the attacks with minor effort. Pansage flips backwards in preparation of an attack, however Oshawott manages to take advantage of his descent and manages to strike him with a Water Gun attack throwing him backwards towards Cilan.

Cilan directs for Pansage to use the sun's energy as a blessing. Panpour begins absorbing energy in preparation for Solar Beam. After a few moments, Pansage flexes his arms directing the energy towards Oshawott.

The first Gym match of the Unova region turned out to be a battle against three brothers. Will Satoshi really be able to get the Victory Badge?
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Danish Airdate: Today
Danish Title: Tre Ledere, Tre Trusler!
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Quote From: Munlax
Danish Airdate: Today
Danish Title: Tre Ledere, Tre Trusler!

Thanks for the titles and airdates for the Danish BW1-5. Added them to the database.