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25 Dec 2010 07:49 AM
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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: ヤグルマの森!クルミルとアーティ!!/Yaguruma no mori! Kurumil to Arti!!. Please comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot
27 Jan 2011 03:37 PM
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Meh... This episode was kind of blah. It was really good to hear Gym Leader Arti say saraba (さらば!), Tuxedo Kamen's famous line for saying 'Farewell' as he exits during the Sailor Moon series. The artwork reminded me a lot of Seiken Densetsu 2 though, especially the large tree in the Yaguruma Forest which looked a lot like the mana tree.

Added Culture edit for Arti: http://www.pocketmonsters.net/episodes/1227#Edits

Characters in Episode: Current Episode Guide Info Correct? [Yes]
Satoshi, Iris, Dent, Pikachu, Kibago, Arti, Arti's Hahakomori, Satoshi's Kurumiru

Written Biographies for Characters in Episode:
{{Char=Arti}} is the Gym Leader of the Castelia Gym located in Castelia City at the heart of the Unova region. Trainers that challenge and defeat him are awarded the Beetle Badge. {{Char=Ash}} and friends first met him when they were up in a large tree in the Yaguruma Forest scouting for the exit. {{Char=Ash}} and {{Char=Iris}} were both surprised when he dropped down from above as he was disguised like a leaf. {{Char=Arti}} explained to them that he was living in nature, like a forest Pokémon.

{{Char=Dent}} explained that {{Char=Arti}} is known as a famous Bug Pokémon user when they first met him. {{Char=Arti}} also paints and sketches pictures and design clothes. {{Char=Arti}} professed that he was an ingenious artist but he was in the Yaguruma Forest to reinvigorate his creative process. {{Char=Arti}} told {{Char=Ash}} and friends that he would guide them out of the Yaguruma Forest but they first had to enjoy life in the forest. The spent the night with {{Char=Arti}} in a large tree before he lead them to the nearest Pokémon Center and told {{Char=Ash}} that he would be waiting for his challenge at the gym. {{Char=Arti}} said farewell and took off as {{Char=Ash}}'s pure heart which was showcased when he rescued his Kurumiru penetrated his heart and rekindled his creative thoughts.

Pokemon in Episode: Current Episode Guide Info Correct? [Yes]
Minezumi, Koromori, Shikijika

Characters Pokemon Attacks used in Episode:
- Satoshi's Pikachu - Thunderbolt, Iron Tail
- Satoshi's Kurumiru - Bug Bite, String Shot, Razor Leaf (It did a Headbutt but according to the games, it cannot learn that move)
- Arti's Hahakomori - String Shot
- Koromori - Double Team, Air Cutter

Episode Location: Yaguruma Forest (ヤグルマの森)

Episode Highlights:
- Satoshi encounters Arti, the Gym Leader of the Hiun Gym who helps them out of the Yaguruma Forest and tells Satoshi that he will be awaiting his challenge at the gym.
- Satoshi rescues and then gets a Kurumiru.
- Satoshi has 7 on-hand Pokémon and is forced to send one to Professor Araragi but he doesn't say which Pokémon he deposited.
- Team Rocket did not appear in this episode.

Eyecatch info:
- Life with Kurumiru begins!! The point is to sleep often??

Number of Times Team Rocket Blasted off in the episode: Team Rocket did not appear.

Episode Extras:
- Okido senryu - Janovy's ever-extending Vine Whip.
- Pokémon Live Caster - Janovy
- DP 1 hour special preview
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After the last dub episode hardly having edits, this episode was full of some odd ones. They definitely got the time wrong in this episode, as this episode takes place over two days and Cilan was making lunch not dinner the first time.

Link to edits and notes: http://www.pocketmonsters.net/episodes/1227#Edits