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Title: Added Pokemon Encore to Epguide
Adamant has added the Pokemon Encore series to Epguide. Its basically just a rerun series but its good for reference.
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Title: Re: Added Pokemon Encore to Epguide
To be specific, Pokemon Encore was series that started at the beginning of the anime and aired all* episodes in chronological order from there on. Episodes were broadcast with two audio tracks - the original Japanese and the English dub. The purpose was primariy to teach Japanese kids English, and each episode ended with a "Pokemon de English" segment where viewers would be taught a specific phrase by showing the same scene in Japanese and English.

*Episode 38, the Porygon episode, was skipped for obvious reasons
*Episode 18, was initially skipped due to the lack of an English dub. It was later aired with the two audio tracks being Japanese mono and Japanese stereo rather than Japanese and English.
*Episode 35 was likewise aired with mono and stereo Japanese tracks, since it too lacked an English dub.
*Episode 39 was skipped due to it being included in the 1999/2000 New Year's Special, and it was presumably seen as unnecessary to show an episode people had recently seen anyway.
*Episode 52, 53, 65 and 66, which were aired out of order due to the Porygon incident causing the show to go on a 4 month + break and these being seasonally themed episodes meant to air on very specific dates, were aired in their originally chronologically intended order for the first and only time.
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