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Title: POKENCHI 64: あばれる君のポケモン交換旅・栃木編後半 / ポケんちに話題のまこみなが登場、「アローラ!」の曲...
New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: あばれる君のポケモン交換旅・栃木編後半 / ポケんちに話題のまこみなが登場、「アローラ!」の曲に合わせて双子ダンスに挑戦! / Abareru-kun no Pokémon kōkan tabi Tochigi-hen kōhan / Pokénchi ni wadai no MakoMina ga tōjō,`Alola!' no kyoku ni awasete futago dance ni chōsen! / Abareru-kun's Pokémon Trade Journey: Tochigi Part 2 / The Current Talk of The town, MakoMina, visit Pokénchi and Everyone Tries Twin Dancing to the Song "Alola!"!. Please comment below!
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Title: Re: POKENCHI 64: あばれる君のポケモン交換旅・栃木編後半 / ポケんちに話題のまこみなが登場、「アローラ...
Abareru-kun's Pokémon Trade Journey: Tochigi Part 2. Abareru-kun aims to trade with 20 Pokénds, but will he actually manage this?!
Also, the current talk of the town, MakoMina, visit Pokénchi and challenge everyone there to try twin dancing!

We finally get the second half of the Tochigi chapter of Abareru-kun's "Pokémon Sun/Moon" Trade Journey. Abareru-kun and Koike haven't been able to trade much, but now they head to...?! And then further trouble strikes. Will they be able to make their goal of 20 Pokémon trades?
Then, the current talk of the town, MakoMina, visit Pokénchi. MakoMina specialize in twin dancing, and together with the Pokénchi residents, they attempt to twin dance to the anime OP "Alola!"!
We also get Abareru-kun and Shokotan's mini segment where they teach you valuable information about the video games. This episode they'll present information related to the first Grand Trial!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Guests: MakoMina
Support Pokénd for Abareru-kun's Trade Journey: Miyu Koike
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