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In the hit segment "You can do it if you try!" Shokotan attempts the 8-segment vaulting horse! Will she overcome her fears and vault over Nymphia?!
We also get the third best Pokémon battler in Japan VS Abareru-kun

Last time the practice program for overcoming you weaknesses gave Shokotan the confidence to vault by using Pokémon butts! Hopefully the Timon D duo's enthusiastic coaching has given her confidence and an unwillingness to give up...!! What will the results of the Hyper Training be...? Will she manage to vault over the 8 segments that form her goal?!
In addition, we get a Pokémon battle between Abareru-kun and a genius Pokénd who's the 3rd best in Japan!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Guests: Yuta Maeda (from Timon D) and Hiroyuki Takagishi (from Timon D)