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A mysterious light appears in Pokénchi and makes Nyarth show up?! It appears he's come to abduct Pochama... Can Koharu's voice actress Kana Hanazawa, Kokasu and friends protect Pochama?!

All the residents attempt a silent game to protect Pochama from Nyarth! This game has previously used the extremely popular HelloPika, but this time it will be using Pochama! Will the residents be able to silently watch over the lonely Pochama that reacts to all sound...? Even Kokasu struggles with this request from his beloved Pokénd Hikari Morita! Look forward to it!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Guests: Hikaru Morita (from Sakurazaka46), Kana Hanazawa, Toshiaki Kasuga (from Audrey), Pochama and Nyarth