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File: 12756450040093.png (3045px x 1741px - 803.90 KiB)
Posted by: Lugia010719d1 on 04 Jun 2010 05:50:04 (No. 6397)
I started making vectorized versions of official pics of 5th gen Pokemon. So far Tsutaaja and Pokabu. I made it in Inkscape. Here on Imageboard i post onl ya 600dpi raster export. For original vector SVG go here: http://lugigalerie.wu.cz/galerie/051/
It might be useful if you want to use a picture of this Pokomon in a larger picture, a poster, or just need to resize without losing quality for some reason. For manipulation with the SVG, use Inkscape 0.47 or newer (nightly builds from source code, www.inkscape.org). And if you use, modify or redistribute it, please credit it with something like "Vectorized in Inkscape by Lugia010719d1" and add the link to the original webpage where I post them, http://fanart.pikachu.cz/content/picture.php?picture=8142
this website is in Czech. but it is kinda like my homepage for any pictures i draw.
Good luck in trying to display SVG correctly in your web browser ;)
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Posted by: Lugia010719d1 on 04 Jun 2010 05:52:46 (No. 6399)
Tsutaaja. I actually changed shadow colors a bit, as i think the blue shadow looked weird. And i add a little bit of linear gradients to the colors.
File: 1275645217006.png (1329px x 1553px - 346.75 KiB)
Posted by: Lugia010719d1 on 04 Jun 2010 05:53:36 (No. 6400)
The eye is a bit dofferent from the official.
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Posted by: Sunain on 04 Jun 2010 18:06:54 (No. 6432)
Nice. Thanks for for doing the high resolution pictures. They look great.
File: 12758546730076.png (1091px x 1409px - 307.17 KiB)
Posted by: Lugia010719d1 on 06 Jun 2010 16:04:33 (No. 6467)
SVG here: http://lugigalerie.wu.cz/galerie/051/051-Mijumaru-SVGexport.svg

BTW SVGs at http://lugigalerie.wu.cz/galerie/051/ have been updated with smaller version without useless rubbish, so download the cleaner versions.
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Posted by: Lugia010719d1 on 09 Jun 2010 10:24:30 (No. 6593)
SVG here: http://lugigalerie.wu.cz/galerie/051/051-Zorua-SVGexport.svg
Posted by: lomejor18 on 13 Jun 2010 17:48:02 (No. 6718)
Beautiful! All of them! Will you do the same with the other ones?
Posted by: Lugia010719d1 on 16 Jun 2010 18:18:45 (No. 6856)
Only temporary colors and size, will soon be replaced