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Title: Re:PM2019 83:Star Bright, Star Flight!/お星さまになったピィ/The Py That Became A Star
The track at 14:43 really sounds similar to the Requiem for a Dream theme which was made very popular with the Lord of the Rings Two Towers Trailer.
Title: Re:POKENCHI 332:りんか大学卒業おめでとうSP / ポケんちお馴染みメンバー、超特急カイと藤原竜也?が駆けつけて、みんなで卒業祝い!/Rinka's University Graduation Celebration Special / Pokénchi Regulars Kai from Bullet Train and Tatsuya Fujiwara (?) Come Rush
Overall the series was better than GET TV but it really never had anything specifically unique like exclusive big announcements or very many on location shoots which made the previous variety shows a lot more popular. The next series isn't looking very good though from the first preview.
Title: Re:Anime Tie-in Audio Dramas Announced
I'm glad they are doing an audio series like this to give the Pokémon franchise in general a different medium to tell stories and expand characters. It's been almost a decade since the Rocket Gang Radio series.
Title: Re:Pokémon GO - April 2022 Community Day: Stufful
I'm not surprised how inept that Niantic are as game developers. Community Day should be all day long. Fine, players only play 3 hours out of 6, at least they could pick which 3 hours they wanted to play during the day. Not everyone is available for their set hours. 6 hours at least gave people time to have a break and come back to it later. Restricting time is just showing consistency time after time that the devs are too focused on metrics and money rather than gameplay.

5 years later and they still don't have global trading. Almost all my Pokémon friends live in other countries and who is traveling that much these days? Pokémon Home support is terrible as well. One way for certain Pokémon. Don't even get me started on how hard it is to setup raids with your friends...

Glad to see Niantic's player response team they made during the pandemic is doing such a GREAT job...
Title: Re:Pokémon Trading Card Game - ITZY - IT'Z TIME TO BATTLE
I don't think people in the west quite know how big ITZY is. They are super popular in Asia. Not quite BTS's worldwide popularity, but very popular there. This is a mega tie-in for the Pokémon Trading Card Game promotion, not that it needs any promotion MORE after the 2021 TCG fiasco....
Title: Re: Pokémon HOME
File: 16523658540091.jpg (1440px x 2960px - 1.19 MiB)
Pokémon HOME version 2.0.0 - Screenshot 13
Title: Re: Pokémon HOME
File: 16523658410051.jpg (1440px x 2960px - 691.52 KiB)
Pokémon HOME version 2.0.0 - Screenshot 12
Title: Re: Pokémon HOME
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Pokémon HOME version 2.0.0 - Screenshot 11
Title: Re: Pokémon HOME
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Pokémon HOME version 2.0.0 - Screenshot 10
Title: Re: Pokémon HOME
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Pokémon HOME version 2.0.0 - Screenshot 9