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ポケモンファン 第54号
PokeFan 54

Battle 3: The fierce attack of a gigantic Rarantes!!
Satoshi and Mao have gone into a forest to search for the ingredients for Akala Curry. But incredibly enough, it turns out it was the nest of a gigantic Rarantes!!

They were supposed to be searching for ingredients for Akala Curry, but...
*Mago Berry
*Revival Herb
*Miracle Seed

A battle between Rarantes and Satoshi!!
It's bigger than normal Rarantes, and its power is extraordinary! Can he win?!

This episode is planned to air Thursday July 27th!
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Satoshi's second Grand Trial! A battle against Island Queen Lychee!
The Grand Trial Satoshi desired has finally arrived! How will Mokuroh and Iwanko fight against Lugarugan and Dainose's formation attacks?!

Lychee: She possesses a mysterious charm that lets her relate to any Pokémon.

This episode is planned to air Thursday August 3rd!
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Smash the iron defense formation!!
Lychee's two Pokémon attack in perfect sync with each other!!

There's no escape if you get surrounded by Lugarugan and Dainose!!
In Lychee's formation, the two Pokémon play the role as attacker and supporter! Satoshi quickly gets in serious trouble!!
*Dainose's "Stone Edge" blocks him off in every direction!

Lugarugan is the attacker!
>It makes use of its speed to make quick movements, dealing damage with "Rock Slide"!

Dainose backs it up!
The "Magnet Bomb" fired by its Mini-Noses hunt down Satoshi with more and more intensity!

Can Satoshi pass the Grand Trial using the Mokuroh/Iwanko duo?!
Satoshi, on the other hand, instructs Mokuroh to grab Iwanko and rise into the sky. Can he break through the encirclement and manage to counterattack?!

Mokuroh: Mokuroh can fly, so it's the key to this match! "Leafage" is also super effective against Rock types!
Iwanko: Iwanko fights with "Rock Throw". For some reason it's really restless, but...

How does Satoshi turn the situation around?!
>Whose Z-Move will he use, Mokuroh's or Iwanko's? And will he win in the end?!

Kapu-Tetefu watches over the battle... what is its end goal?
It appears the guardian deity of Akala Island, Kapu-Tetefu, watches over Satoshi as well. Keep watching attentively to find out if they ever meet!
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The lastest news on the anime: A Grand Adventure on Akala Island!!
Satoshi and the others are currently taking extracurricular classes at Akala Island! Enjoy these cheery days filled with new experiences together with them!

Akala Island is full of places to see: Wela Volcano/Kaki's House/Brooklet Hill
>A scorching volcano, a famous fishing spot and the farm where Kaki lives are all here.

Satoshi challenges the Grand Trial!
His opponent is Island Queen Lychee!
Go all out, fully powered!!
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3 super battles with the Pokémon on Akala Island!!
These are fights against Pokémon Satoshi has never seen before, fought together with Suiren, Kaki and Mao!!

Battle 1: It's super huge! A fishing battle with Yowashi!
The Pokémon from a lake at Brooklet Hill they referred to as "The Lord"... turned out to be Yowashi's School Form! After an intense battle, Suiren brilliantly managed to fish it up!!

Suiren obtained a Water-Z and the Z-Ring!
Suiren received a Water-Z from the Yowashi she fished up. Can she use Z-Moves now?!

*Suiren's specialty is fishing! She challenged Yowashi together with Ashimari.
*She found Z-Ring ore during a treasure hunt!
*Meanwhile, Satoshi fished up a Koiking, but didn't enjoy that all too much...

Battle 2: Take Wela's crown back! Kaki's fierce battle!!
A precious crown said to grant Pokémon power has been stolen by a Garagara that just showed up! Kaki chases after it together with Bakugames!
*Garagara runs wild at a festival where Pokémon are made stronger by wearing the crown!

Who will win the battle between Bakugames and Garagara?!>Garagara's speed leads to trouble for Bakugames! What will Kaki do?!

This episode is planned to air Thursday July 20th!