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Posted by: Sunain on 30 Nov 2017 03:30:36 (No. 28149)
PokeFan 56 (ポケモンファン 第56号)
Fierce battles in the Ultra Space!!
The place the group arrives in, the Ultra Space, is a mysterious, space-like plane that stretches out as far as the eye can see! The battle to save Lusamine is on!!

Satoshi and his friends fight with their fully powered strength!!
Satoshi and the others take up the chase in order to save Lusamine. But Lusamine's Pokémon block their path forward! Work together to clear the way!

Silvady plays a major role!!
Silvady was created to fight Ultra Beasts. It's a very reliable fighter!

The creation of a new Z-Move?!
Is this Amamaiko and Mokuroh's combo Z-move?! Plunge at them!!

Lusamine has become one with the Ultra Beast!
Lusamine has been brought inside the Ultra Beast's body and the two have become one! How can she be saved?!
Blurb: There are lots of Ultra Beasts in the Ultra Space!

Rescue Lusamine!
Lusamine sends out her Pokémon to keep Satoshi and Lilie away. Does she have some kind of reason for not trying to escape?!

These are the Pokémon that stand in the group's way!
Satoshi and the others split up to fight Lusamine's Pokémon! Lugarugan engages in a fierce fight against Pixy!
Pixy: The Pippi that Lilie was also really fond of has evolved into a Pixy! It's a tough fighter!!
Re: PokeFan 56 (ポケモンファン 第56号)
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Posted by: Sunain on 30 Nov 2017 03:31:17 (No. 28150)
The Z-Move incarnation of Satoshi & Pikachu's bond:
10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt Explodes With Power!
Will this be the trump card for defeating the super powerful Ultra Beasts?! Seize victory with Satoshi and Pikachu's ultimate Z-Move, 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt!!

Finish things off with a super fully powered Z-Move to the shine of Satoshi and Pikachu's exclusive Z-Crystal SatoPika-Z!

How will the battle end?!
What will happen to Lusamine?!
Don't miss the episodes airing December 7th, 14th and 21st!!
(airdate and airtime varies by region)
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Posted by: Sunain on 30 Nov 2017 03:32:30 (No. 28151)
SM52 - The Altar of the Sunne! Solgaleo Descends!!
Satoshi and the others have come to the Altar of the Sunne on Poni Island to meet Solgaleo. Solgaleo isn't there, but Kapu-Kokeko and the other three guardian deities are!
Top image blurb: The guardian deities of Alola have gathered.
Bottom image blurb: Make Solgaleo appear and have it help you!
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Posted by: Sunain on 30 Nov 2017 03:32:57 (No. 28152)
SM53 - Hurry Up! Operation: Rescue Lusamine!!
Using Solgaleo's powers, Satoshi and the others have passed through the Ultra Hole and arrived in the world of the Ultra Beasts. But a powerful opponent shows up there!
Top image blurb: Work together and defeat the Ultra Beasts!!
Bottom image blurb: Save the captive Lusamine!
Re: PokeFan 56 (ポケモンファン 第56号)
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Posted by: Sunain on 30 Nov 2017 03:33:23 (No. 28153)
SM54 - Shine, Z-Power Ring! A Super Fully Powered 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt!!
Satoshi and the others fight to rescue Lusamine, who's being controlled by the Ultra Beasts, but get into serious trouble when the Pokémon that were already supposed to have been defeated return!
Top image blurb: The completion of a startling new move for Mokuroh?!
Bottom image blurb: Lilie does her utmost in an attempt to rescue Lusamine!