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Posted by: Sunain on 09 Jun 2021 09:07:36 (No. 36257)
Re-Ment has announced that they will be releasing the Pokémon DesQ Desktop Figure GO to the Galar Region! (Pokémon DesQ デスクトップフィギュア ガラル地方へGO!) line on September 13th, 2021. There will be a total of eight different figure items in the lineup, each priced at 800 yen plus tax, 880 yen including tax. Each figure can be conveniently used to hold pens, stamps, cards, glasses, and more.

Product Lineup (English):
① Pikachu (Gigantamax Form) - Multi Tray
② Sarunori - Pen Stand
③ Hibanny - Stamp Stand
④ Messon - Multi Tray
⑤ Wooluu - Card Stand
⑥ Wanpachi - Glasses Stand
⑦ Negigaknight - Sticky Note Stand
⑧ Ponyta (Galar Form) - Multi Tray

Product Lineup (Japanese):
①ピカチュウ (キョダイマックスのすがた) -マルチトレイ-
②サルノリ -ペンスタンド-
③ヒバニー -ハンコスタンド-
④メッソン -マルチトレイ-
⑤ウールー -カードスタンド-
⑥ワンパチ -メガネスタンド-
⑦ネギガナイト -ふせんスタンド-
⑧ポニータ (ガラルの姿) -マルチトレイ-