Posted By: Sunain | Jan 04 2008 05:32:15
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Various sources have contacted Larry Juris via Email and he has confirmed that TAJ Productions will no longer be working on Pokemon. Apparently Pokemon USA fired TAJ Productions which had been working on the English version of Pokemon since the First Movie (1). It is currently unknown at this time why TAJ Productions was fired or who will replace them.

TAJ Productions is an audio post production facility located in New York City. They have provided their services for animation, live action, video games, and audio books.

With many fans currently unhappy with the voice actor change that happened two seasons ago, could this signal the possible return of the original voice actors?

The truth behind the rumours of change...

Hey guys!

It is true that Taj Productions will no longer be recording the show. Pokemon USA has hired another company (which I will not name for privacy for now) in NYC to do it. The voice actors will not change. I am not leaving the show!! I am not at liberty to cite any reasons for the change. I just learned about the rumours on the message boards...sorry it took me so long to clear this up! Hope you all had a great holiday, and enjoy the show!

Love Sarah Natochenny Ash Ketchum :)
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