Starting with the first episode of 2012 and the 63rd episode overall, January 5th's A Subterranean Gym Match! VS Yacon!!, Pocket Monsters Best Wishes will be featuring a new ending theme.

It is titled "A Seven-colored Arch" (Nana-iro arch 七色アーチ), and will feature a chorus of multiple generations of Pokémon singers; Toshiko Ezaki, the singer of Advanced Generation's Soko ni sora ga aru kara and Smile, Fumie Akiyoshi, the singer of Diamond and Pearl's Together, Kono yubi tomare and Saikō everyday, and Aki Okui, the singer of Best Wishes' Kokoro no fanfare. It will replace Can You Say the Pokémon? BW (Version 2) ポケモン言えるかな?BW (バージョン2) which has been the ending song since BW54.

The song will feature Dent as its conductor, and is perfectly suited for school graduations and entrance ceremonies, cheering on good friends and compatriots as they head towards their future. Satoshi, Iris and the Pokémon will also be featured heavily, so sing along, everyone!

Pokémon Smash will also be debuting a new ending theme with episode 65, We Pichu Brothers 'Millenium Town, the City of Encounters' 'Nyarth's Part-Time Job is Tough!?' / Unaired Material Special! A Ranking of the Top 20 'No no, cut that' Scenes!.

This song will be I am a hero by Stereopony, and a performance of the song will be done during episode 64, Tornelos VS Voltolos VS Landlos! (Part 2) / A Competition in Making Pokémon New Years' Meals! / Stereopony Introduces their 'PokéSma!' ED song and Battle / Misaki Reports on the Various 'Pokémon Center Tohoku' Events!.