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The official Pokémon website has revealed two new cards for the upcoming Black & White Next Destinies: Shaymin-EX and Lucario. The set will be released in North America on February 8th, 2012. The cards have been added to our TCG database.

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Whether you're looking for early support for your Grass deck or a late boost against a tough opponent, Shaymin-EX (5/99) is the perfect choice. Shaymin-EX's Synthesis attack lets you search your deck for a Grass-type Energy and attach it directly to one of your Pokémon, accelerating your set-up time considerably. Plus, with a 1-Energy retreat cost, it can get out of the way quickly once you've prepped another attacker. Then, if your opponent starts to pull ahead later in the match, bring Shaymin-EX back up to hit with Revenge Blast, an attack that does 30 damage, plus 30 more for each Prize card your opponent has taken. This is really helpful if you're playing with other Pokémon EX cards in your deck, since when they get knocked out your opponent draws 2 Prize cards. Shaymin-EX can help you turn the tables on your opponent's good fortune and put you in the lead for good!


Pokémon EX aren’t the only powerful Pokémon in the Black & White—Next Destinies expansion. Check out Lucario (64/99), a Stage 1 Fighting-type Pokémon that’s ready to leap into battle. When Lucario is your Active Pokémon and takes damage from an attack, it’s your opponent who will feel the pain—Lucario’s Reflexive Retaliation Ability puts 2 damage counters on the defending Pokémon. Lucario can also strike hard, and for little Energy, with its Aura Sphere attack. For 2 Fighting Energy, Aura Sphere does 50 damage to the Defending Pokémon, plus 20 more to a Benched Pokémon! On offense and defense, Lucario is ready to make a major impact in your next Pokémon TCG game.