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An official site has launched for Mewtwo: The Prologue to Its Awakening (ミュウツー ~覚醒への序章~), an OVA that will be airing as part of the 2-hour special on July 11th, 2013.


Story Translation

Having finished his mountain rescue mission, Virgil of the Pokémon Rescue Squad is on the way back to his base when he is forced to do an emergency landing on a mountain. There he meets a girl named Anna and an old man named Oscar, who tell him that they have had a strange experience in which a Pokémon they had never seen before saved them. Then...

"That Pokémon was Mewtwo!"

Suddenly, a mysterious man called Dunk approaches them. He tells them that he was recently saved by Mewtwo himself, but that it was gravely injured in the process. Virgil and the others immediately get ready to go and rescue Mewtwo; however, Mewtwo, who was created by humans, is said to not trust humans.

So Virgil asks Eievui and the others for help while Anna approaches the Pokémon living in the forest to start a search! However, a suspicious camera follows after the Pokémon while Dunk smiles audaciously... Now, what are Dunk's intentions? Also, more and more of Mewtwo's past is revealed! ...And finally, the heroic battle of the Awakened Mewtwo begins!





突然、謎の男・ダンクが声をかけてきた。先日、自分もミュウツーに助けられたのだと語るダンク。だがミュウツーはそのときに大きな怪我を負ってしまったのだと言う。バージルたちはすぐにミュウツーの救助に向かおうとするが、人間に作られたというミュウツーは人間を信用していないらしい。そこでバージルはイーブイたちに、アンナは森に住むポケモンたちに呼びかけ捜索開始! だがそこには、ポケモンたちの後を追う怪しげなカメラと不敵に笑うダンクの姿が……。果たしてダンクの目的とは!? さらにつぎつぎと明らかになるミュウツーの過去! ……そしてついに! 覚醒したミュウツーの壮絶なバトルが幕を開ける!!

Pictures from the trailer that aired during Pokémon Smash 140 are available on the imageboard thread.

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