Posted By: Sunain | Sep 27 2013 16:18:25
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The official Japanese Pokémon TCG website has revealed that there will be new rules that will be coming into effect with the XY expansion which will be released in Japan on November 8th, 2013.


  • The player that goes first cannot attack on their first turn. (先攻プレイヤーは、最初の番はワザを使うことができません。)
  • A special rule that players can only have 1 Professor Araragi or Professor Platane in their deck. Both cards in a single deck is not allowed. (サポートの「アララギ博士」と「プラターヌ博士」は、枚数にかかわらず、1つのデッキにどちらかしか入れられません。 1つのデッキに両方入れることはできません。「アララギ博士」と「プラターヌ博士」だけの、特別なルールです。)
  • The Pokémon Catcher card now requires players to flip a coin to Switch an opponent's Active Pokémon with 1 of their Benched Pokémon. (「ポケモンキャッチャー」は、コインを投げてオモテが出ないとポケモンを入れ替えることができなくなりました。)