Posted By: Sunain | Sep 06 2007 00:15:50
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The latest issue of Famitsu gave the new Pokemon title from Chunsoft a review score of 35/40. For reference, 2005's Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games received the same total score.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time Expedition and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Darkness Expedition are a matched pair of Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS. These two games are under development by Chunsoft for release in Japan later in 2007.

The games are a sequel to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. They will include the new Generation IV Pokemon and have Wi-Fi and dual-screen features. The story is promised to be even more developed than the prequel, and the issue of the thinning of the relationship between the player and his or her partner will be taken into consideration.

Both games are scheduled to be released on September 13th, 2007 in Japan. An anime special based on the games is also scheduled to air this week on Pokemon Sunday. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Time and Darkness Expeditions is also the sequel to the anime special based on the previous Mystery Dungeon games.