Mar 29 2014 Rijamong Distribution

The official Korean Pokémon website has revealed that Rijamong (리자몽) will be distributed to the players of Pokémon X and Y. Between April 11th, 2014 and April 30th, 2014, players can visit the official Olleh TV website and watch a video to unlock the ability to get the serial code. People then need to enter their cell phone number to get a code sent to them. Olleh TV is an IPTV service in South Korea that is operated by KT. The serial code can be used to receive Rijamong (리자몽) from April 11th, 2014 until May 31st, 2014.


The code can be used in either Pokémon X and Y but the Rijamong (리자몽) is different in each game. Players that use the serial code with Pokémon X will receive a Rijamong (리자몽) with a Rijamongite Y while players of Pokémon Y will receive a Rijamong (리자몽) with a Rijamongite X. Both have the OT: Olleh TV (올레TV) and the Ability Blaze (맹화).


The Rijamong with a Rijamongite X (리자몽나이트X) for Pokémon Y knows the following moves: Dragon Rage (용의분노), Fire Fang (불꽃엄니), Air Slash (에어슬래시) and Dragon Claw (드래곤크루).

The Rijamong with a Rijamongite Y (리자몽나이트Y) for Pokémon X knows the following moves: Fire Fang (불꽃엄니), Flame Burst (불꽃튀기기), Air Slash (에어슬래시) and Inferno (연옥).

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