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The first Pokémon Day to be held in Singapore will take place at Jalan Besar Stadium on Friday, October 24th, 2014. There will be tons of fun filled activities for Pokémon fans to enjoy. Tickets are required to enter the event but people can get a free complimentary ticket before October 24th, 2014 through tixee who is the ticketing partner for Pokémon Day. The event is being held in conjunction with S League’s 25th leg, which features a match between Albirex Niigata Singapore and Home United FC. Pokémon Day is being sponsored by Nintendo distributor Maxsoft.

Event highlights:

  • Shiny Gengar with Mega Stone Distribution for Pokémon X/Y (limited to 3000 only)
  • FREE Pokémon merchandise giveaway
  • Pikachu's appearance at the opening ceremony before the start of the football match (7.20pm)
  • Photo shooting session with Pikachu during the half-time
  • Sales of Pokémon Center exclusive merchandise

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