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The Pokémon Black Rayquaza Campaign (ポケモン 黒いレックウザキャンペーン) takes place in Japan from March 14th, 2015 until June 30th, 2015. Various promotions are being held throughout this time period related to Black Rayquaza.

Black Rayquaza Event Distribution

Corocoro Comics presents another opportunity for players to receive an alternate-colored Black Rayquaza. Players of Pokémon X or Y or ORAS can receive it. It is a different Rayquaza than the one that was distributed at the World Hobby Fair '15 and therefore players that received that Rayquaza may also receive this one. The serial code will be distributed from March 14th, 2015 until April 12th, 2015. Players can use the serial code to obtain Rayquaza from March 14th, 2015 until May 15th, 2015. Full details of this Rayquaza distribution have been added to our Event Database.

Players can obtain a serial code by visiting the following participating locations and showing the shop attendant the title screen of X or Y or ORAS on their Nintendo 3DS: Ito-Yokado (イトーヨーカドー)、Aeon (イオン)、 Aeon Supercenter (イオンスーパーセンター)、Toys"R"Us (トイザらス)Apita (アピタ)Piago (ピアゴ)Al-Plaza (アル・プラザ)Heiwado (平和堂)Daiei (ダイエー)、Fuji (フジ) and Pokémon Centers (ポケモンセンター).

7Spot Distribution


Players may also obtain a serial code from 7-11 stores that have a 7Spot. It can be wirelessly accessed in-store via the Nintendo 3DS and players can then obtain the serial code.


Moncollé Black Mega Rayquaza Lottery

Takara Tomy is holding a lottery contest where 1000 people will get a Moncollé Black Mega Rayquaza that will only be obtainable through this promotion. In order to enter, participants must send in 3 bar codes from Tomy's Pocket Monster Collection Series of products between March 14th, 2015 and July 31st, 2015. Winners will be announced and shipped the prize.

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Emerald Break - Black Alternate-colored Rayquaza EX Promo Card

Specially marked Emerald Break (エメラルドブレイク) TCG expansion booster packs contain a Pokémon Card Chance (ポケモンカードチャンス) ticket. Those that collect three points could turn them in between March 14th, 2015 and May 7th, 2015 for a Rayquaza promo card. Players needed to send in their Chance cards in an envelope with their information and address in order to get this promo card. Not all Chance cards have points as some are listed as 0 points and can not be used to obtain the promotional card.

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Rayquaza (レックウザEX) 122 XY-P is the promo card that can be obtained in the Pokémon Black Rayquaza Campaign promotion. Its stats and details are identical to the Rayquaza (レックウザEX) 123 XY-P promo card that was released around the same time in the April 2015 issue of Corocoro except the color of Rayquaza is different.

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Pokémon Pan x Pokémon Kids - GET Alternate-colored Mega Rayquaza Campaign

Bandai and Daiichipan are holding a Pokémon Pan x Pokémon Kids - GET Alternate-colored Mega Rayquaza Campaign where people can purchase specially marked goods and product that have a ticked which can be used to enter the lottery where 1000 people will receive a Black Mega Rayquaza Pokémon Kids Pearl Version [黒いメガレックウザのポケモンキッズ(パールVer.)] figure.


During the campaign period which takes place from April 6th, 2015 until June 30th, 2015, people can print out the application card and attach their three product tickets from eligible Bandai Pokémon Kids and Daiichipan products and include their address, name, age, phone number and drawing of Pikachu and send it to the appropriate address.


Specially marked Pokémon Pan products from March 1st, 2015 until April 27th, 2015 will have a ticket affixed to the package.

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