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Amazon has now posted the full information for the Movie 9 DVD pre-order. This is one of the best deals ever for a Pokemon Movie on DVD. We suggest that you Pre-Order you copy now so your in line to get this great deal.

Number of discs: 3
3 Disc BONUS: OVA + Pokemon Advanced Battle Vol. 1
DVD Release Date: April 3, 2007

It all started with a legend passed down from the People of the Water... Somewhere in this world, there is a Sea Temple created by the People of the Water. The Sea Temple contains a hidden treasure called the Sea Crown, but no one has ever seen the Sea Crown, or even the Sea Temple, because the temple is protected by a secret mechanism. The temple drifts through a vast ocean undetected, waiting... waiting...

Ash and Pikachu meet Lizabeth, a descendant of the People of the Water, and learn about the legend. They also meet Jackie, a Pokemon Ranger on a secret mission to protect a Manaphy egg (Manaphy is mysteriously known as The Prince of the Sea) and find the Sea Temple as well. The Phantom plans to obtain the Sea Crown and take over the world - but first he needs the Manaphy egg. Now Lizabeth and Ash must help Jackie protect the egg and stop the nefarious pirate! What is the Sea Crown? How does Manaphy's mysterious power connect it to the Sea Temple? Can Ash help Jackie complete his mission? Premium:

THE AMAZON EXCLUSIVE INCLUDES POKEMON MOVIE 9 (2 DISC SET) PLUS BONUS DISC: "Pokemon Advanced Battle Vol. 1 (DVD)" Synopsis of Pokemon Advanced Battle Vol. 1 (includes 5 episodes): Ash and his friends continue their adventures, this time visiting Maisie Island, Wazoo Island, and the ABC Islands on their way to Mossdeep City and the Hoenn League. Ash is ready to win his eighth badge--catch the action during the Showdown at Linoone!

Ep. 1: Clamperl of Wisdom The kids go after a rare pearl in peril, but it's Spoink who saves the day in this case of mistaken pearl-dentity!

Ep. 2: The Relicanth Really Can Ash and friends go sub to sub with Team Rocket when they're after the same deep-sea treasure! Who will take a dive in this watery battle?

Ep. 3: The Evolutionary War A stop at a Pokemon Center lands Ash in the middle of an island rivalry! Is the secret behind Clamperl's evolution the key to a truce?

Ep. 4: Training Wrecks On Muscle Island, Ash ends up in heavyweight trouble when he takes on head trainer Rocky in a double battle!

Ep. 5: Gaining Groudon Ledendary Pokemon and powerful orbs are at stake when the crew find themselves in the middle of an elemental struggle!

You can Pre-Order the 3 Disk set by clicking here.