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Contrary to many sites posting information that the next season of Pokemon, Diamond and Pearl, would air on March 10th, the NYC Comiccon Pokemon Voice Actors panel said they have not begun dubbing the new season.

"First off, I asked the director if they started to dub season 10 yet, and she said that they didn't even start yet. And the new voice of Brock (Bill Rodgers) also said that there are only abou1 or 2 episodes left. So, the first episodes of DP will most likely NOT be part of season 9. Toonzone probably just made a mistake when they said it was going to air in March" (Pokeyug)

Pokemon USA also would not say who was leaving the cast at the end of the current season. They also showed the first 7 minutes of movie 9 dub. It seems likely that the Diamond and Pearl anime will air around the same time the new games launch in North America similar to the way it was launched in Japan.

PPN has also discovered that Cartoon Network has updated their schedule and it's now blank where it earlier said 'New Episode' for Pokemon's 9:30 am Saturday 3/10 timeslot.

UPDATE: Cartoon Network has updated their website confirming our earlier information that the Diamond and Pearl anime will not air March 10th.

Thanks to Pokeyug for allowing us to post this information. More information as it becomes available.