Posted By: Sunain | Feb 19 2007 02:16:21
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The Nintendo Power Awards, once called the Nester Awards (after the cartoon character featured in early issues of Nintendo Power), are the magazine's annual ceremony of recognition for the previous calendar year's games. The awards are nominated by the staff members, and the awards are voted on by the readers. As of 2006, there have been eighteen annual awards featured in what is usually the May issue of the following year.

The 2006 Nintendo Power Award nominations are in and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon has been nominated in four categories: Game of the Year (GBA), Best RPG/Strategy (all systems), Best Story/Writing (all systems), Game of the Year (all systems). You can cast your votes at Nintendo's Official site. The results should be in the May 2007 Issue of Nintendo Power.

Link: 2006 Nintendo Power Awards