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The official Special Exhibition Pokémon Lab: You do it! You discover! website has announced that the Johto Starters Chicorita, Hinoarashi and Waninoko will be distributed to patrons of the Pokémon Lab: You do it! You discover! Special Exhibition when it opens a location in Osaka. The Johto Starters were previously distributed at the Miraikan in Koto, Tokyo, Japan.


Patrons that completed the Lab 1 mission can receive a serial code for one of the Johto starter that can be redeemed in Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. All 3 starters are level 5 and have the OT Pokémon Lab (ポケモンラボ). Chicorita knows the moves Tackle and Growl. Hinoarashi knows the moves Tackle and Leer. Waninoko knows the moves Scratch and Leer.

Exhibit Details

Exhibition Days: July 16th, 2016 until September 4th, 2016
Opening Hours: 9:30 to 18:00 (Entrance closes 30 minutes prior to closing time.)
Venue: Knowledge Capital, Osaka
Please use the private entrance on the North Building ground floor next to CAFE Lab.
Admission Fees(TBD): Adult (Ages 19 & over): 1,400yen, Student (Age 18 to school student): 900yen, Child(Ages 4 to school student): 700yen
Organizers: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, The Pokémon Company
Sponsor: Osaka Institute of Technology

Source: http://pokemonlab.jp/osaka/#uketori_info
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