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LogoPokémon Platinum (Japanese: ポケットモンスター プラチナ Pocket Monsters Platina) is the next game in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl series. The game will be available for purchase in Japan on September 13, 2008. The game will feature Giratina as its mascot and introduce its Origin Forme , as seen in the 11th Movie, Giratina to Sora no Hanataba: Shaymin. The new storyline will involve a disturbance atop Mt. Coronet, as a portal to the "Ruined World" (やぶれたせかい) is opened and Sinnoh's climate becomes colder. The trainers have been given new outfits to suit the colder climate.

In the game, there's a leaflet containing information regarding the new Pokémon forms. It confirms that they are Rotom as many predicted. The leaflet only reveals the first form. All the forms are accessible through the Secret Key after Rotom is captured at the Old Chateau and the formes it changes Rotom to depends on where you use the item. Below are pictures of the five new Rotom forme's.


Below is a list of the Base Stats for Giratina Origin Forme, Shaymin Sky Forme, and all the new Rotom Forme's.

Giratina Origin Forme
H.P. Att. Def. Speed S.Att.. S.Def.
150 120 100 90 120 100
Shaymin Sky Forme
H.P. Att. Def. Speed S.Att.. S.Def.
100 103 75 127 120 75
All Rotom's New Forms
H.P. Att. Def. Speed S.Att.. S.Def.
50 65 107 86 105 107

As we reported the other day, the Sinnoh Dex has received an extra 59 Pokemon in Platinum. You can click on the list to see the additional Pokemon added to the Sinnoh Dex.

The Normal and Menu sprites from Platinum are now available thanks to zhenlin and the Rotom ones are posted below confirming the earlier pictures of the new forme's.
Sinnoh # Sprite Name Type 1 Type 2
#152 SpriteSpriteSpriteSpriteSpriteSpriteSpriteSpriteSpriteSprite Rotom Sprite Sprite
#152 SpriteSpriteSpriteSpriteSprite Rotom Sprite Sprite

More information will be added here throughout the week. News Sources for Platinum Information: