Posted By: Sunain | Nov 04 2008 18:07:30
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logoWant to play like a Champion? Then a 2008 Pokémon TCG World Championships deck is perfect for you! There are four powerful decks to choose from, each one a card-for-card replica of an actual title-match deck. Collect all four and learn to play like a Champion!

Tristan Robinson Junior Champion, Intimidation Deck:
Tristan Robinson's aptly named Intimidation deck relied on countering the most heavily played cards in the tournament. Between shutting off his opponent’s Poké-Powers and Poké-Bodies, limiting the effectiveness of their Special Energy cards, and punishing them for playing Special Energy cards with Scizor, Tristan was able to set up roadblocks that slowed his opponents, and allowed him to claim win after win!

Dylan LeFavour Senior Champion, Empotech Deck:
Dylan LeFavour's Empotech deck was designed with one goal in mind: spread as much damage around his opponent's Pokémon as possible, making it easy to Knock Out one or more Pokémon at will. With Empoleon passing out damage like candy and cards like Claydol helping to keep his hand full, it's easy to see how Dylan was able to capture the title of Senior Division World Champion!


Jason Klaczynski Masters Champions, Psychic Lock Deck:
Jason Klaczynski became the first two-time World Champion on the strength of his Psychic Lock deck. Using one of the most popular decks of the year—Gallade/Gardevoir—as the main structure of his deck, Jason made modifications designed to allow him to overcome any opponent he faced, including other Gallade/Gardevoir decks!

Paul Atanassov Senior Finalist, Bliss Control Deck:
Paul Atanassov focused on speed and disruption to earn his place as a Senior Division finalist with his Bliss Control deck. Paul used Trainers and Supporters designed to interfere with his opponent's strategies and a heavy hitter that could set up fast and could soak up a large amount of damage before getting Knocked Out!