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New Pokémon Cafe menu items based on the Pocket Monsters Sword and Shield starter Pokémon, Sarunori, Hibanny and Messon, will be available from November 15th, 2019 until January 17th, 2020.

Sarunori's Thick Cream Pie Stew - 1,848 yen (tax included)
サルノリのとろとろクリームパイシチュー 1,848円(税込)
Let's break open the pie with a stick from Sarunori. A hot stew will come out!

Hibanny's Fire Energy Tomato Meatball Plate - 1,848 yen (tax included)
ヒバニーのほのおエネルギー トマトミートボールプレート 1,848円(税込)
If you eat all the tomato meatballs, you will feel energized with a lot of energy!

Messon's Berry Berry Fruit Sandwich - 1,848 yen (tax included)
メッソンのベリーベリーフルーツサンド 1,848円(税込)
If you put the lemon sauce on the whipped cream, the color may change like Messon…!?)


Also starting on Friday, November 15th, 2019, the Pokémon Cafe Original Clear Coaster will be renewed with a random drink for each order! One of all six types is given with a drink including a very rare secret pattern.

In addition, the placemats that will be available at the cafe seating will based on Pocket Monsters Sword and Shield.

Source: https://www.pokemoncenter-online.com/cafe/news/191025_01.html
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