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As of Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 at 19:00, in response to the Japanese Government's Emergency Declaration, the Pokémon Center Co., Ltd. has announced they will temporarily close the following Pokémon Center and Pokémon Store starting on Wednesday, April 8th, 2020 until the emergency declaration is canceled. Our list of COVID-19 canceled Pokémon Events has been updated with this announcement.


Pokémon Centers

・ Pokémon Center Tokyo DX & Pokémon Cafe
・ Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo & Pikachu Sweets
・ Pokémon Center Shibuya
・ Pokémon Center Sky Tree Town
・ Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay
・ Pokémon Center Yokohama
・ Pokémon Center Fukuoka
・ Pokémon Center Osaka DX & Pokémon Cafe
・ Pokémon Center Osaka
・ Pokémon Center Nagoya (April 10th, 2020)

Pokémon Stores

・ Pokémon Store Tokyo Station Store
・ Pokémon Store Narita Airport Store
・ Pokémon Store Itami Airport Store
・ Pokémon Store Kansai Airport Store

Source: https://voice.pokemon.co.jp/stv/zenten/2020/04/post-10510.html

Update: April 17th, 2020

The Pokémon Center Co., Ltd. announced that it would expand the area of ​​the emergency response to all prefectures and that as of Saturday, April 18th, 2020, Pokémon Centers and Pokémon Stores nationwide would be closed. The Pokémon Center Online will continue to operate normally.

Source: https://voice.pokemon.co.jp/stv/zenten/2020/04/post-10510.html
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