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Pikachu is cute! The perfect collaboration of sweets for summer, Sweets Trio Fruitchu (スイーツトリオ フルーチュウ) will be available for a limited time starting on Friday, June 11th, 2021 at participating McDonald's locations in Japan!


The Sweets Trio Fruitchu are the perfect summer sweets which come in a limited-quantity Pikachu package and will be available for a limited time! The McShake® Yellow Peach Flavor (No Juice) has a refreshing sweetness of yellow peach flavor and creamy texture, and the McFlurry® Chocolate Banana Flavor, fills your mouth with the taste of chocolate banana and its crunchy texture. The other treat is the Hot Apple Custard Pie which offers the perfect harmony of apple filling and sweet custard cream with a crunchy crust. We hope you enjoy the collaboration of the cute Pikachu and sweets.

McShake® Yellow Peach Flavor (no juice) and McFlurry® chocolate banana flavor are available from 10:30 in the morning to 1:00 the next day.
Due to the nature of the machine, other flavors may be mixed in with the McShake®. For this reason, the allergy information may differ from the normal information during the sales of these limited time products. Please make sure to check the latest information each time you use the product.

McShake® Yellow Peach Flavor (No Juice) (マックシェイク® 黄桃味(無果汁) - 120 yen S / 220 yen M

Enjoy the refreshing sweetness of yellow peach flavor, the sweet and sour aroma, and creamy texture that fills your mouth, all served in a limited time cute Pikachu cup, in S and M sizes, making it the perfect cool drink for summer.


McFlurry® Chocolate Banana Flavor (マックフルーリー® チョコバナナ味) - 290 yen

Smooth soft-serve ice cream with a rich milk flavor is mixed with banana sauce with a rich aroma and sweetness, rich chocolate sauce, and yellow crunchy corn crumbs with a banana flavor. Enjoy the mouth-watering taste of chocolate banana and the crunchy texture. This is a cool treat perfect for summer, available in three different cute Pikachu cups in limited quantities.


Hot Apple Custard Pie (ホットアップルカスタードパイ) - 150 yen

The crispy dough is stuffed with apple filling containing fleshy apple dices and smooth custard cream with vanilla bean. The sweet and sour apple filling has a hint of caramel and cinnamon and the sweetness of the custard cream create a perfect harmony.


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