Posted By: Sunain | Apr 09 2009 23:27:38
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Shoko Nakagawa latest CD single 'Antenna of the Heart' (Kokoro no Antenna - 心のアンテナ) is set to be released on July 15th. Below is Sushi's translation of the news article.

Shoko Nakagawa (23) is quickly spurring forward on her royal path to being an idol. Her ninth single called "Antenna of the Heart", which will be released on July 15th, is a work written by Takashi Matsumoto (59) and composed by Horuomi Hasuno (61).


Shokotan is impressed by this combo, which has written and composed Seiko Matsuda's "Kiss from Heaven" and many other songs together.

Her song has been confirmed as the theme song of the anime movie of this year's summer holidays, "Arceus: Towards the Continuum of Conquest" (release date: July 18th). With that, she keeps achieving more and more of her childhood dreams.