The Pokémon are going to have a Halloween party. The Pokémon at the Pokémon Café are also looking forward to the party. The Halloween menu, which includes Chef Pikachu's recommended food and Pastry Chef Pikachu's special sweets, is the pride of the Pokémon Cafe. In addition, that very popular menu at the Pokémon Cafe is getting a boost...?

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On Saturday, September 4th, 2021, the Pokémon Centers nationwide in Japan will release the Pokémon Pumpkin Banquet item line based on the theme of a Halloween dinner party for Pokémon. On the same day, at the Pokémon Café, a new Gangar-themed set menu perfect for Halloween will be available to enjoy with the popular Gangar's Confuse Ray Smoothie! It's a food and sweets set that recreates the menu that appears in the "Pokémon Pumpkin Banquet" art. This Halloween, let's have fun with Gengar at the Pokémon Cafe!

Halloween Party at the Pokémon Cafe! Gangar's Mean Look! Set - 3,168 yen (tax included)
ポケモンカフェのハロウィンパーティ!ゲンガーのくろいまなざし!?セット 3,168円(税込)
Gangar is floating suspiciously in the butter pilaf hash rice, and seems to be quietly watching everyone enjoying the food at the Pokémon Cafe...? You can enjoy a set of Marron Mont-Blanc dyed in the colors of Gangar and Ghos. Check out the Pokémon Center merchandise and find out where the reproduced menu items are hidden in the art!

Gengar, blending in with the dark night, is represented with a hash roux. The hill is made with rice and the shadow of a Zubat flying over it, giving it a full Halloween atmosphere.

This sets sweet is Maron Mont Blanc with a Gangar motif. The Ghos on its head looks like he's enjoying Halloween with Gangar.

Gangar's Confuse Ray Smoothie - 990 yen (tax included)
ゲンガーのあやしいひかりスムージー 990円(税込)
Gangar's Confuse Ray Smoothie, a very popular menu item at the Pokémon Cafe, is now even more delicious with the addition of grape pulp! Order the set and you'll have Gangar all over your table!

If you put the plush toys from the Pokémon Center's Pokémon Pumpkin Banquet on the table, on sale on the same day, you'll feel like you've stepped into a Pokémon Halloween party. After shopping at the Pokémon Center, enjoy a Halloween party meal at the Pokémon Café!

Pokémon Selectable Latte - 770 yen each (tax included)
ポケモン選べるラテ 各770円(税込)

Pokémon from the Pokémon Pumpkin Banquet have also joined the Pokémon Selectable Latte, which allows you to choose your favorite art from a large selection of Pokémon.

The merchandise for the Pokémon Pumpkin Banquet include plush toys and mascots with cute costumed figures, as well as melamine plates, garlands, and other goods that can be used at Halloween parties. Let's enjoy Halloween with the Pokémon!


In addition, there is a mini photo spot in the Pokémon Café where you can enjoy the Halloween atmosphere! The photo spot is decorated with Halloween goods from the Pokémon Center. Be sure to take a commemorative photo of the Halloween party with the Gangar plushie, the main character of the Pokémon Cafe's Halloween!

Sales Period

September 4th, 2021 to October 31st, 2021
Gangar's Confuse Ray Smoothiewill be available after the above period.
Only the Pokémon Pumpkin Banquet art will be available during the above period for the Pokémon Selectable Latte.