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Mataro Doll Ltd. creates traditional Kimekomi dolls and the basic shape of every doll is carefully hand-molded by Mataro himself and the dolls are entirely handmade. In 2019, they produced the Pikachu doll, and in 2020, they produced the Miltank doll, which attracted a lot of attention. This year, they have taken on the challenge of expressing Raikou from Pokémon with an Edo Kimekomi doll. High resolution images of this product from the press release have been added to an Imageboard thread.

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Raikou is a Pokémon characterized by its "ability to produce lightning at any time because it carries rain clouds on its back". The Edo Kimekomi Raikou doll has a plump and round form typical of Kimekomi dolls. On top of that, the patterns on the body, the details on the face, the rain clouds on its back, and its jagged tail are some of the main features of Raikou. These details are made by hand by craftsmen, who make grooves in the base for applying the cloth one by one, showing the high skill of traditional craftsmanship.

They want people to display it as a New Year's decoration throughout the year of 2022. The Raikou doll is the third in the series of Pokémon Edo Kimekomi dolls.

Edo Kimekomi Raikou Doll (江戸木目込人形 ライコウ)

Price: 17,600 yen (tax included)
Size: When displayed 150mm x 120mm x 157mm (width x depth x height)
Main body: 65mm x 100mm x 110mm (width x depth x height)
Contents: Edo Kimekomi Raikou Doll / stand / folding screen / wooden tag
Pre-order Start Fate: October 27, 2021